The success of happiness

Last week I saw the movie "The pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith. It's a gorgeous film and the story is great. It's an emotionally powerful movie. Will Smith did a great job.

The story is about a normal man trip with unacceptable chances to achieve his goals. It's a real story. The real lifeguard is Chris Gardner. He had a bad childhood and saw his mom only 25 years old when she went to prison twice. He was betrayed by his father.

Gardner was a salesman selling bone density scans in the 1970's. He did not do a good job in that. He fought to meet basic needs. His wife left him because of financial problems and they did not have a common interest. He fought with his little kid (in the picture the child is a bigger child but in fact, Gardner was a child under the age of one year). He was very little in life because he was homeless. One night, both Gardner and his kid slept in the metro station bathroom (toilet). Then he found a methodical church for the homeless to be.

In the meantime he participated in a securities company as a staff member. He went through all the pain with his kid in his hand as one dad. He was chosen as a securities broker.

Now he is a millionaire, the owner of the company. It's an incredible story, conveys American history. The following lines are considered by Gardner in his son's movie that made me cry: "Do not let anyone tell you you can not do it." If you get a dream, protect it, if you want something, go with it. "

Note: In the movie, Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son, Becoming a little child Gardner, is amazing. Will Smith received an Oscar for this film.


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