The True Nature of Empowerment

Strength is a term that people do not seem to fully understand. Here are some thoughts about what it means and how you can have more power to improve the quality of your life.

Strength is not about being able to control things; It's about making a conscious choice that will most likely lead you to success and success. It's about thinking ahead and preventing life problems that prevent and handle wisely and effectively with those you can not prevent. There is little in life that you can control, but you can make informed choices about everything.

Strength means being fully grounded in reality instead of living in hopefully imagination. It's about seeing the truth of all circumstances and relationships, even if these truths are hard to deal with, and then using this knowledge to deal with the challenges of life in the most realistic, well-thought-out manner.

People are mistaken to see proxy as the ability to overcome someone or something. It's really a talent to pursue your goals without being hampered by internal or external forces. It's safe instead of riding with confidence; motivated as opposed to fasting and inspiration rather than terrible. It is not allowed any person or negative internal voice to prevent "going for it".

Strength is to be stark, as opposed to aggressive. It does not have "power over" objects but is "power to" to do things. It's not about to be prominent; It is persistent and is accompanied by problems until resolved.

It is important to have common sense; be practical and realistic. It's about paying attention and increasing your actions in direct response to the way things really are. It's not about being fearless, but having courage and self-confidence to work, despite your fears.

Efforts are not about acquiring or managing things but being able to be your best self and to fulfill your innate potential. Having money or social status gives you power; like being in a state of the art but real power is more about freedom to work and create.

Strength means being independent, independent and independent, but it is also possible to work with others; to be a group of players who can give and take pleasure. There is the ability to be strong in vulnerability; to share your true self in a relationship and be happy with yourself.

True strengthening is self-confidence and self-esteem. That means you are your own best friend at work and in relationships. You take responsibility for your choice and agree to the consequences of your actions; You learn from your mistakes, such as not repeating them.

Strength is pleased with confrontation; it's the ability to stand up for yourself and express your needs and feelings in a relationship. It also uses the best timing and direction for such discussions. It's also about being patient and controlling your pulses, in general.

There is hope of proper treatment from others and refusal to tolerate disrespect. This is not grandiose self-esteem or superiority but a confirmation of its own value. Having the power to have good personal goals and set the tone for how others behave.

Last but not least, authentication means that you expect others to not pay for something that is missing in your life or to increase your self esteem. You accept yourself as you are and your identity does not rise or fall, depending on how people can judge you at any time. You love yourself and that's what encourages you to always try to do better.

(C) Marcia Sirota MD, 2010


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