Very personal disorder and power in mind to cure

Split personality disorder has been a mystery of psychologists and heals for at least 100 years. It's weird that an individual can change his personality into at least 2 different characters, but some even have 100 separate personality, to change between them at random. Every personality has its own specificity, name and other practices, but no other personality is aware of others.

What's still weird, and psychologists are amazed by this, is a psychological and physiological change that occurs when another personality takes over. For example …. physical scars on the body disappear and appear again at the moment with the superiority of different personality.

Say, for example, that someone has two characters … and to understand it, we will mention "John" and "Peter." If John is dominated and injured himself, and the wound heals on the arrow .. it will become part of who he is. So when Peter receives and becomes dominant, the arrow continues … only to return when John takes back.

The same is true of other ailments … allergies, diseases such as diabetes, color blurred, lazy eyes and even eye color, have all come to disappear completely or change when another person is dominant. Intelligence is also affected. If John is fluent in French, Peter would not be able to speak French.

Even tolerance limits for medication are changed. If one part becomes full and then another personality takes over, this new dominant part will be completely sober.

Spiritualists and other experts have put forward the idea that the body and mind are unrelated for a long time, but psychologists and doctors have not wanted to see this, to harm their patients. But after seeing what happens to dangerous personality, they begin to understand the mentality of the link and what it means to men and our power to heal us and become the one we want to be.

If the mind can tear it down on body tissue, I think it points to the same possibilities for healing, & # 39; & # 39; said Dr Braun, who manages 10-bed radiation therapy using psychotherapy, hypnosis, and drugs to treat people with multiple personality. He said he believed that radical physical changes that occurred in patients who went from personality to personality could be copied to emotionally normal people under hypnosis. source: New York Times ).

Why have some changed personality?

This disorder usually begins in childhood that protects against prolonged trauma, usually some kind of abuse, either mental or physical. The theory is that the mind is in two so that he can sleep into another personality or personality in the course of extreme consumption …. and to allow newcomers to take some of the weight by dividing the pain. Another explanation and this seems more likely … may be that the mind is creating an untouched personality by knowing that the original person has been seriously damaged …. much like when we change the disk if one part gets damaged then we have still the clean partition to work with. And the reason why each part knows none of the others and their experience could be to protect it from corruption and distortion of the misused part, so that a newly created thing is working properly. If a new part had less or a knowledge of the abuse, the other went through, it would also be damaged.

How are these significant physical changes made?

If the mind and the body are connected as well as this indicates, the memory, experience and attitude of the human being are associated with every cell in the body so that when the person changes personality are all previous attitudes and then now completely destroyed for a while …. changing all biology, molecular structure, cellular structure and chemistry of the body according to the new part.

So what does it all mean and how can it help us? ??

This shows us how powerful a human mind is and that our bodies and their ailments, both mental and physical, are not permanent, but can be transformed with the power of thought and thought. If we consider something without a doubt, we can definitely affect our own bodies on a cell like people unconsciously with many personalities. We could just imagine that we are cure and it would happen, we could see in our mind that the cancer had gone and that would be done. A disease of all kinds would be one of the past. All we need is unmatched faith in our inner power … and it seems strange things that happen to people with many personalities should give us this belief.

There are many ways we can take advantage of this mind. With hypnosis we can access the subconscious mind to create new views using visualization and other transformation methods.

Hypnosis is well known to create the same phenomena as described in this article in emotionally normal people. Even without formal hypnosis, one can learn strong methods that can be very powerful if enough sharpens. Visual work works because the mind can not distinguish between mental images and actual images, so if we see something good enough and long, the body cells begin to conform to what is seen in the mind. Just as when multiple personality takes from previous ones, his initial construction and spiritual state are changed in accordance with the attitude of the new part.

So …. if you believe something so totally, it will be your truth. Please read my other article about the power of faith to further explore this idea.

By Mark Turnbull


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