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We hear much about the power of power these days. Gaining power is considered a desirable state to achieve – and indeed desirable state to live their lives. But how do we get that state; how do we strengthen ourselves?

What is intensity?

How do you primarily define proxy? I believe that we first consider the power as desirable to respond to "giving up power" or being "powerless". To be allowed to control one's own life. (However, it does not mean having the power over the lives of others.) To have power and control, or power, it involves controlling all areas of single people: it means giving oneself and taking responsibility for his life, in addition to being active instead of being just idle; it means bypassing the propensity to independence. It does not mean, however, that we become so powerless and independent that we become islands: to be happily self-sufficient, we gain independence in our lives, yet feel relationships with others and our environment. Curious balance between independence and connection. Being connected to others can lead to compromise in our relations. However, there is a difference between compromising and giving up or sacrificing himself.

What we're talking about is knowing our own truth. Knowing our own truth, knowing who we are – Self-knowledge – and relying on it is a powerful subject. And when we know our truth, we live our lives with it.

To be able to know the truth, to think for yourself, to be independent, yet to be connected, be active and passive, take responsibility for ourselves. A self-employed person has integrity, with all his parts integrated. A true "whole".

Obstacles to Strengthen

Now that we have distributed the meaning of a mandate to death, how do we gain power? First, look at what could stand in our way. What are the obstacles to promote? What do we need to change or work around?

One of the main obstacles to self-control is our social condition. We have been conditioned to give away our power. We have been conditioned to look at the established authorities with absolute knowledge, such as not being a sign. One good example of this has been the social perspective of physicians and doctors. We have been trained to take a doctor & # 39; counseling as a gospel and not asking or actively participating in own health care. This is the view of "MD" as "medical gods". This attitude, happily, changes. We are learning to take responsibility for our own health. We are learning that we can ask and still have the power while we respect ourselves.

Another way in which our location implies encouragement lies in the way we are trained to think. Just as we are trained, do not ask the authorities, we are also trained to think that things will only be one way. I think of this as one-dimensional or "holistic" thoughts that do not allow originality or variations or even tones of gray. Just as physicists are discovering that scientific laws are not difficult and fast, things do not matter or things are not always as scientific law would recommend, so are old too, stiff ideas need to be more flexible. Thus, women are no longer necessarily characterized by men. Nor, in fact, we now realize, there must be control of some kind.

"One Dimension" in our cultural situation leads us to see us in very narrow light – only being or doing one or a few things – or only socially prescribed items. Thus, women should work only in one way, and people should react quickly differently. Seeing us as one thing – and it's not seeing other possibilities for ourselves – is very limiting. To see us as only white or black or native America, like a woman or a man, like a Christian or a Jew, like American or Russian – limits our potential. To be allowed to see and develop our possibilities. How often have you been surprised that the doctor also writes poems or that a well-known actor also looks good or that your auto mechanic can also sing? We gain power when we pass the barriers that restrict, only cultural conditions to full, more "total" views on ourselves.

In order to gain power, we must break past the old thoughts that we must be or work on in a certain, predetermined and socially intentional way (for example, women should please others and that humans should rule). We must overlook the rigorous thinking that we have all the answers and that nothing new under the sun is a new state of emotion. Thus, we must deprogram our cultural status and have an open mind.

Another obstacle to gaining authority is low self-esteem. If we do not love or even like us, how can we trust our own thinking? Self-determination, low self-esteem, lack of confidence in itself – everything closes us to become a powerhouse. If we do not mind much about us, we definitely do not get our independence.

And associated with low self esteem is another obstacle, lack of self-esteem. It's hard to strengthen us if we do not really know.

Another important obstacle to power, which also relates to a low self-determination, is an old vague issue. Issues that are not resolved cloud our thinking and block our energy flow. They affect our behavior behind the scenes, unconscious encouragement, and do not allow us to be truly in control of ourselves – or agents. Having the power to be clear, think clearly, see clearly and act accordingly.

Fear is also a major barrier to power. Our fear holds us back and robs us. There is an energy that closes, instead of expanding. There is the end for free energy flow. In order to gain power, it is clear that there is a free flow of energy. Fear prevents us from being truly self-evident.

Passivity and dependence are also blocks to promote. To be empowered, we must be independent, we must be active. Again, this does not hinder other people; You can be independent and connected. Being independent, means being self-sufficient, having integrity (integrity, independence) in a natural, free, flowing manner. Being idle and dependent must be given power.

Lack of knowledge is also an obstacle to power. To have power, you must be as independent as possible. It's hard to be independent without knowledge. Wise men have talked about the importance of knowledge for centuries. Simultaneously with the deaths of the experienced people have also emphasized its importance. As we add our knowledge, we add to our stores of data to be drawn. As we improved our knowledge, we can better think of ourselves. Lack of knowledge leaves us in a poor and poor condition, which does not contribute to sustainable development. As Francis Bacon said, "Knowledge itself is power."

Similarly, the lack of self-evasion barriers to power. If we have not developed a part of ourselves, we have less to sell in ourselves. When we develop more aspects of ourselves, we know better and become independent. Our trust is also increased and we become more healthy. We can provide ourselves more and more in areas.

These are some barriers to authority and many of these factors are linked. Certainly, little self-esteem, fear, dependence and unclear affairs are connected. When we go to clean one, others will also be affected.

Paths to Empowerment

In view of the impediments to some or all of us that may affect some of us, how should we move towards? How do we remove the obstacles?

First let me say we have all our own paths to follow. The route I followed may vary greatly from your road. When you search for it and follow your intuition, you will find your own way.

That said, I would like to propose some possible measures or instructions. Some of these may be painful obvious. Some may find you more attractive than others. We'll find out at the right time. If that's correct, try it out. Remember that authentication is a process that gradually evolves.

Imaginary Thinking

In order to break down the walls of "totalism" thinking, investigate other methods and articles. The more we are, with open minds, unauthorized ideas, the more we begin to discover our own truths.

Try to go to another healthcare provider instead of your "usual" doctor. Try a wholistic doctor, acupuncture therapy, massage therapist, jurisprudence, etc.

Read about various cultural philosophies and religions: Native American, Indian, Egyptian, Mayan, African, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, legend, etc. . What do you think is right? Remember that what's found right now can be found wrong and vice versa. (What's right or wrong now can be a result of a push button, but it's a breakdown that we will not go into now. The more you explore the mode of choice with an open mind, the more you're reprogramming Think about it and allow it to grow in a new way. Digest what you are influenced. Do not take everything as a gospel. You will gradually find yourself developing your own ideas, one solid step towards gaining authority.

Getting Confident [19659002] Getting self-esteem is also a process, and there are different ways to try and make it easier. One traditional approach is treatment or counseling. This is a valid approach and does not have to be automatically changed out of hand. Investigate this behavior, try to choose a therapist or counselor. Try to find one for your good, one with what you fi Also try to find one that facilitates self-diagnosis rather than one that controls you or encourages you to depend on him or who brings his case to your meeting.

Guidance with meditation or regression can also help build self-esteem by working on roots. Strong self-results can be achieved in this way.

The development of talent and abilities can also increase self-esteem.

Remember that you are a unique and valid person. Remember, we all have our skills and something to contribute. Remember, we make all mistakes and forgive ourselves. Remember that the deepest beauty is the one inside. Try to incorporate these thoughts into your daily confirmation.

Knowing You

Knowing yourself can be a difficult process. We tend to be stuck in our own and our perception tends to be emotionally colored by our needs, self-esteem and self-esteem. Try to find this objective place in yourself, the place that does not affect content or temporary concerns – the observer.

Check yourself in difficult situations and with different people. What do you see How do you respond?

Learn how your mind works. Look at the thought by drawing your inner goal.

Explore meditation as a vehicle to track you. Look at yourself.

What do you think empathetic about? What do you cover? What pushes your buttons? Why is it pushing them? What are your talents? What is your interest?

Clear Your Issues

Clear topic is another process that may be controversial and unlike a path. Again, counseling or treatment may be an option, as well as repetitive treatment and guidance of meditation.

Body building that helps identify places in the body where memories and memories are stored can help to clear them.

The beginning of past issues or issues of unconsciousness also helps as a precursor to clear them. Awareness and self-knowledge are closely related.

If your problems include content or other abuse, consider linking to any support groups.

Identify and access self-help books (John Bradshaw, A Course in Miracles, etc.). This can facilitate self-esteem.

Watch what pushes your buttons, especially anger and fear. Try to go to your impartial observer (with meditation, self-hypnosis, etc.). And learn why your buttons are pressed, which is the root cause. Sometimes conscious knowledge can help you pass the case. (Do not be confused with denial, since there is no conscious awareness or confirmation of the matter.)

Search for a pattern in your life. Do you find yourself again and again embroiled in similar interferences or with interference with people (using psychological terms)? Again looking for roots.

Know that you can clean your issues. Know that you can find clearer and happier and more content. Know that others have traveled this way before you can.

Defeat fear

Fear can be defeated. One of the first steps is to acknowledge fear for what it is. Most often fear can be hidden or hidden as something else. Basically, however, love and trust / being positive to open ourselves. Our energy runs out freely. Fear closes us and keeps us back.

Many fear related issues. Cleansing problems can reduce fear. Fear can also be unknown, which is associated with fear of being not accepted or loved, as well as fear of death. There is also a fear of not having enough, which is not related to being safe in ourselves. When we develop self-esteem and gain knowledge, this fear is reduced.

When you find yourself holding back, try to identify what causes you to hold back what's the fear. Identifying the core problem can help. This can be done by the methods mentioned above.

Try to get into your fear, at a glance if necessary. True magnitude comes when we are "fear-less" when we are aware of fear.

Realizing that your fear is just that – fear. Your fear of fear and repentance is more harmful than what concerns you.

When you fear, feel fear. Let it wash over you. Watch where it leads you. It will end at some point. Watching you come back to normal, with fear down.

Whenever you find fear and have identified the cause, focus on love. Try to mentally cover the fear of love, completely envelop and let her in love. Breathe in fear, deep cleansing breath from the abdomen. See your love growing in size and fear decreasing.

Remember that nothing can harm you without first allowing you in any way.

Achieving Independence

Achieving independence can be accomplished with a few instructions mentioned before: counseling / treatment, meditation, withdrawal, confirmation, etc.

Dealing with fear can also help. A position is often associated with minimal self esteem and fear – being alone, not being loved, etc. We may find that we can not take care of ourselves. The love in the past may involve giving up their authority over themselves, infants dependent on parents parents.

Independence can be savory and exciting. It is also linked to self-development. As we develop more of us and clear our problems, we learn more about ourselves and become more independent.

Develop yourself and gain knowledge

The more we develop and learn and gain knowledge, the more we can become. For this purpose, think of yourself as a multifaceted person. Do not try to find that you can only do or be one. Being a restorer can help you gain power.

Is something you've always wanted to do or learn? Allow you to explore it.

It is interesting to note that recent studies now show seven areas of intelligence, instead of only two previously acknowledged: math and verbal. The other five areas are: physical, local, infrared, musical and human. Anyone can inherently have any of the above abilities or any combination of them. Furthermore, if he does not utilize all his abilities, he does not feel satisfactory or satisfied.

We are all more than we have believed we are. Imagine that you can do things that you could never remember. We all have an untapped potential. As we develop, we also gain knowledge of ourselves. Our self-image expands.

Your increased knowledge is also part of the powers, and vice versa is the authority to increase knowledge. Consider discussing someone who has recently been diagnosed with serious illness. This person can sit back and be weak and fearful of the unknown who gives his power to the doctor. OR he / she can take the power by investigating the disease and gaining all the information and knowledge that he can and then knows what he / she is dealing with and what methods and ways to explore.

Remember that "knowledge is power." – both external knowledge and self-awareness.

Developing Your Intuition

One of the strongest ways to gain power is to develop your intuition.

We all have an inner "voice" that guides us. We know when something feels right or not. Learn to listen to your inner voice, or, if you want, "your internal BS meter."

Learn how your voice is, how it works, how it speaks to you. Your imaginable voice becomes clear and not emotionally colored. It will make sense. It will usually be persistent. It can be experienced as "feeling in the gastrointestinal tract." It may appear as a picture, feeling, words, etc. However, experience is appropriate for you.

Learn what your voice is and find it. Trust it. When you trust, you trust yourself. Your intuitive voice is one of the greatest gifts you have naturally leading to self-government.

Final Thoughts

Remember we can all expand our powers. Learn more about yourself. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Accept your uniqueness as an individual. Learn what your own truth is and honor it. Remember we are here to learn and grow. Add your knowledge and skills to your bank. Explore your world with confidence and with open and curious minds. Know that you have your own way in life and worth it. Be respectful, as well as others. Glory in your independence and intensity. And as Shakespeare wisely said, "that your self is true." It is true integrity – and intensity.

This article was first published in November 1994 and January 1995 versions of "Connexions."


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