What does it mean to be strengthened

This is a very good question: what does it mean to have power? We cast the word proxy to all kinds of bravery and give others the strength to self-reliance. So the idea is a bit dark. Each of us has our own interpretation of authority.

What does it actually mean?

As defined in dictionary.com, the definition states: "granting authority or authority, permitting, in particular by legal or public means".

But we have taken a literal definition and began to apply it to our own power, our ability to create self-esteem, from within. True, we can provide the power to our attorneys to respond to our behavior. But this definition does not really include a more general meaning we have created in this self-help age.

It seems we tend to use the term authorized to today to mean that we have given some courage to do, think or think in a manner that would help her to benefit from it. You reinforce someone by teaching her to believe in herself. True, this is a definition that could also be affected.

But it sees that the term, power, modernity comes from within. We use it to talk about the journey of developing our inner strength to work in a way that would best serve us. Today, teaching is to follow the inner voice of man and to be true to his own true nature.

Many modern definition of power

Therefore, it has the power to have the personal ability to create the necessary courage and confidence to work and live his life in his best interest. "

This definition seems to be be better off the idea that we have the power to succeed in life, as we propose in spite of our fears and obstacles that others throw in our way. It's about learning to conquer the confidence that we are Do not be worthy or strong enough to stand up for ourselves.

Having a mandate is actually learning about life with our own limited beliefs. We have the strength or courage to deal with problems, conflicts or bad relationships . But this is our self-fulfilling faith born of a great conflict.

We want to believe that others will lead us down when in reality It's not Our thoughts about ourselves and our Aith in our own strength prevent us from overcoming fear of dealing with our own restrictive attitude.

Having the power to learn that the only real power we possess is over ourselves. We truly get what we want to believe in ourselves, our ability and our limitations. Having a commission is really about the journey to discover who we really are.


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