What is happiness? Búddisperspeki

Sounds like a little strange question in fact, is not it? We all talk and we all want it, but when we stop thinking about it, we really know what we are looking for? I'm getting a little here, I think I should talk a little bit about why I'm writing this.

I have been living for better 20 years now and much of the time has been spent in Buddhist monasteries in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India and Nepal. What I suppose to do here is to explain some of the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist scriptures in a way that is appropriate for modern western society. Ambitious I know, and certainly I do not know if I'm in the project, but I figure if I will write what I feel and hope it's useful for at least one person out of the empire, that's the best I can done.

Who brings us back to what's happiness? I think this is a good place to start like everyone. In Tibet, the word "chog shi"; This is usually translated as pleasure. But when you went a little deeper, you find that they feel the pleasure of having a hug free from desire and turmoil. Now, at times, it's a different perspective than the images we're bombing with daily television and billboards, which apparently suggest happiness from having the latest iPhone.

If we were to take this a little further and ask, happily recover from external sources or get true happiness from within. Now I'm the first to admit that cracks are excited, or even with cold beer on a hot day is something that can be enjoyed. But does any of it ever? And when you look in the mirror it's what makes you feel good about yourself.

To be able to tell myself that "I'm a good man", truly, it took a long time and a lot of self-esteem. That's not to say I'm perfect, far from it, I'm as flawed as any of us. However, believing in my heart that I am fundamental good brings some peace to my mind, especially when times are difficult.

It is certainly not possible to say that one can not enjoy a nice glass of wine or a beautiful sunset or something else for that matter. It's just how you look at these items; is tying all our hopes of something we know is not going to last the best way to be happy? And what if it last happens? We all know that when we experience something new, the pleasure we get from it sometimes is quite significant and would lead us to believe that this can make us happy, but the same is the same, third or even twenty? To give you a real example of the world, I live in India now and when I walk on the street it's rather loud and crowded. Now that I went home to New Zealand last year, I could not believe how much it was. But after that time I stopped constantly assessing this quality and took it for granted. Now it was not the place that had changed, it was only my point of view.

So if this is a temporary pleasure, do not you be happy, what is it? Well in my experience, people who try to do something to help others are the happiest people I know. It makes me quite aware that if you're completely focused on you, a little problem can be completely overwhelming, but when you start to see a larger image, it can start to put things in context and what seemed to be unavoidable before seems something we can deal with. Dali Lama talks a lot about compassion, one of the more interesting things he says is that when you're having a pity, it's good to enjoy the good you're good at is not in comparison to the benefits you get yourself .

Finally, I want to say I do not try to provide all the answers here, I just hope to make you think. Your mind is the most weapon you have and if you use it correctly, nothing is impossible. Finally, I'd like to leave you with one of my favorite liquids, unfortunately I'm not sure it originally said it, but here it is "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."


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