What is intensity

A subjective question with answers that you can experience for yourself. Strength is when you look at yourself …. and you know who you really are.

Often times we look around the world that seems so very false. A world where it looks like people pretend to be something they are not. This is not meant to break anyone, only to challenge people to really look deeper at what is within them.

For thousands of years, spiritual leaders around the world have told us that we are not what we should be. That when we discover the purest nature of our true being …. we find something that can not be spoken once with words.

One attempt to declare that it would say that love is our natural state. To love not to judge, to discriminate, to see life in paranoid terms rather than one unified consciousness is a result of abnormalities. It is the result of eggs of false ideas and beliefs about who we are.

Love is when you see yourself as ONE with what surrounds you. You make no distinction between you and anything. You see that everything is born of the same seamless place. Infinity is responsible for all. You are infinity. Everything is infinite.

It's not something you can talk about, just experienced. With a true and rigorous study of your very deep soul, you must realize that you are not what you think yourself to be. Actually, something you think you are …. it's impossible to be. For what we are, there is excess thinking, and above all else that the mind can create.

We are the source of the mind. We are the source of the body. Not limited to either, completely beyond both. The witness is the link factor to this supreme self.
When we find the testimony, our part simply cites everything we do …. not attached to results, actions, feelings, memories, experiences or feelings; We begin to see ourselves as we really are.

We see how temporarily everything we've taken to be real is real. All creatures in the mind and sides of the body constantly change and resist, but we are always here.
The wisdom is the part of us that never changes. It's changeless, timeless, always there …. witnesses.

Everything in the world could happen and testimony would be quite clear. The writer is aware that everything that happens on the scene is temporary and temporary and will pass. Reality is beyond consciousness and its content. Home world reality is the highest …. because no words or thoughts could touch it.

Nothing could affect, harm, add or remove it. It covers everything, that's all, and it fills everything. It's perfect perfection. It's timeless; infinite infinity and this is our most real nature. This is our most real self. Self that makes everything possible.
To know you at this stage …. is true intensity. The knowledge that nothing could add or take from your normal perfection. How can you add infinity?
What more could you get? This knowledge is one of the last levels of awareness before you leave a physical plan.

At this point …. you have very little to study here and your awareness will pass. We are very blind to the universe to the unknown …. but the unknown is most of what we call the world. Our true journey is into an unknown journey that will never end.

Everything we experience through thousands of lives marks us for this perfect and inevitable journey. May each of us find the authority and knowledge of our true self. Namaste.


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