What is intensity?

Under management terms, the intensity of the action is to empower people to exercise their tasks in whatever way they want and to have power in decision making. Simply saying, a person is allowed to complete his field of work with minimal supervision.

It is a good idea that an employee must look for a licensing officer before making a decision. In such a system, time is wasted in seeking and waiting for approval. Instead of wasting time in this process, time can be sent to solve more critical issues.

After all, it means time for money. As such, an employee must be given authority over the tasks he is very familiar with.

However, senior generations of managers somehow declare the need to accept such a term. Instead of giving freedom to their subordinates, they want to participate in all decisions made. We see the chances of this ceremony with an automated ruling system, with one senior administrator sitting over everything.

Those who oppose the concept of power are probably too narrow to accept something new. Either it or they feel better in their custody, instead of giving up to someone in a lower hierarchy.

Or do they end up in danger of giving up part or all of their power to someone else with fear that the other might fall on him in the near future.

In parallel with the immune minority, larger companies have adopted this system and the results are quite fertile.


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