Why are you heavy? How to find happiness in life

Our world is a living hell. Everyone here is selfish. Everyone is actors.

For most people, living conditions are intolerable. They have too many existences and substantive problems. They also have family problems and difficult relationships. They hate their job or are unemployed.

Money is all gods. However, most people do not have enough money, or they have no money at all. War, crimes, lies, accidents and many other horrors are part of the routine. These stories create daily news in our newspapers.

If you are depressed you have a normal reaction. It's very impossible to be happy while you live this way.

However, you probably do not feel depressed because you understand the logical stupid insanity of your environment. You believe that the reason for your depression is something else that belongs to your personal life.

You are really unambiguous what happens in the world. You only want to live well, but ignore all the horrors that continue in your environment. In addition, this fact is all that is badly convoluted with indifference, hypocrisy and greed. Content satisfaction allows you to suffer from those living on the streets.

If you want to be happy, you must eliminate what's bad. You can not immediately eliminate all the horrors around you, but you can do something to improve your environment while you help.

Or do you think you can be happy but ignore all you should be afraid of?

You are depressed because your human intelligence senses what your veterinarian can not perceive. You only feel happy in life when everyone becomes happy.

The wrong ideas you are used to prevent you to understand your own absurdity. Nobody knows what is sound spiritual health and balance on the planet.

You are depressed because you also have personal reasons. You feel unbearable pain in your heart. Your past was very sad. You have many wounds, fears and trauma.

If you want to find happiness in life, you must get help through psychological treatment. I teach you how to translate the meaning of your own dreams so that you find free psychological treatment in a dream message. If you do not have time or no inflation to study the dream language, I can immediately translate your dreams for you and give you mental illness so you do not have to do the work yourself. You only have to follow the instructions you receive in your dreams.

After changing your personality and finding ways to transform your world, your life will be different from what it is today. You will not be an obsessed observer of global absurdity. You will not be a bride of your wild nature.

Dream treatment gives you an antidepressant treatment that opens up new horizons for your eyes. You stop adapting to your lively life. You transform what you dislike. You discover your own hidden powers.

You're very intelligent, but all your intelligence goes wrong because it's your conscience. With dreaming you transform your wild conscience into human content and become a genius. You have such a possibility. Your entire flow has no limits. Thus, you will find many ways to improve your life and save the world from your own destruction.


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