Winter season of power

The winter year is hardest to accomplish because it's when you become what you really should be, which will be especially relevant to how you work with your peers. It's hard to constantly be your husband during your adolescence since you have pulled so many different directions. However, during this period, you have the power to have the person you are absolutely without being inconvenient or guilty. It's the most important part of this season to be true to your self, but that's the hardest thing to maintain, is not it?

Winter emphasizes the final stage of the autonomy. When you have completed this course, you should feel quite safe in your own hand and maintain your own value. This does not mean you will not return to fall and even summer times from time to time. However, you should shoot back well enough and restore your confidence. Once you've come so far, you'll feel much more confident and confident.

During the winter season, you will be encouraged to choose friends who are unanimous with their own values. You'll also be happy to be yourself and smile often. In other words, you will tell your peers, with your actions, how you deserve to be treated.

Here are some ways to strengthen you this season:

1. Never underestimate yourself.

It's easy to be down on you once in a while. Perhaps you have made a mistake. Or you might have said or done something that's not very cool. One way you can underestimate yourself is to act like another person is more important than you are. When you go through the winter festival, you will never have to prepare who you are truly. Let your true self shine through your actions and words.

2. Stand up at group pressure.

Peer pressure can be devastating to being yourself. I do not feel pressured to do something that you do not feel comfortable just to fit in and be accepted. You are strong now. Thus, you do not always have to be authorized to have authority.

3. Listen to your intestines.

Gut is the inner voice that tells you that it is unhappy or disturbed after you say or do something that is not in accordance with the values. It's important to listen to your intestines before working and making important decisions. Your intestines will tell you what is important. You must trust and honor it by listening carefully and allowing emotions to surface in your heart.

4. Face of negative emotional head on.

It can be very difficult to cope with negative emotions. Sometimes these negative feelings come in. Otherwise, they are born by other people, such as peers or siblings. No matter how many negative emotions and feelings you experience, try to deal with them in a healthy way by making sure they do not threaten who you truly are.

There is nothing encouraging and constructive to see a teenage girl who is so sure she will not allow anyone to put it down or tell her how to look or behave. I wish you all a similar experience of self-reliance.


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