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When we are thinking about making changes in our lives, we often look out. We have a perfect image in our mind about what life should look like, then we are about lifestyle to give us whatever we think is perfect. The only problem with this approach is that we give ourselves personal power.

When we wait for certain things, people or conditions to be there to be "happy" what do we do in the meantime? I'll be happy when my wife fires more often or I'll be happier if my husband was romantic. Or I'll be happy when my kids start listening to what I say and stop bouncing me every time I turn. Or I would be very happy at work if my boss would only acknowledge the contribution I make. This is when we want other people to look into the perfect world we have created in our minds.

Then these circumstances are when we make our happiness dependent on certain things. I'll be happy if I made more money. I can not get more money until I finish my degree. I will be happy when we can have our own home. I will be happy if I can get a new job. I'll be happy when my parents are healthy. Again, I ask: "What does a person do in the meantime?"

While it is perfectly acceptable to hope that things will be different in your life and try to improve and improve things better, it's unacceptable to spend your lives on negative feelings. That is, you are what you think about and what you keep in mind. So if you are always focusing on the negative and what you lack, then you will attract more negative in your life.

But if you emphasize the positive and what you are doing good and useful, you get more positive things in your life. What would you rather have? Then you have to start changing your thinking.

We have virtually complete control of our thinking. I know there are unwelcome thoughts that prevent our consciousness every day. However, we have the power when they are there to focus our mind elsewhere. All we need is to have a plan in place, that when I think of X, Y and Z things I do not want to mind my thoughts, I'll think of the summer vacation instead, for example. Emphasize a positive experience – past, present, or future.

Why do you need to be the one who changes when it's obvious that the "other man" is the one who has the problem? Within the tender volume, people help put ownership of problems as it belongs to those who are most upset. If you are angry because your husband does not take out the trash on time, who is most upset with the situation? You are-so that's your problem. Your husband probably does not even notice that the garbage is a matter.

If you're sure your boss is a dominant, arrogant jerk, do you think he or she stays awake tonight and tries to figure out how to be more sensitive? Most likely not. He or she does not even recognize problems. Fixing the problem comes with the right problem. What problem is that? Problems belong to those who are most disturbed and it is the person seeking the solution.

Most human suffering is our resistance to what is in our lives. We will be completely hungry trying to change others to meet our needs. What would happen if you simply accept everyone where they are on, without exception? What if you acknowledged that things are already perfect as they are? Could you be more content and happier in the circumstances that already exist?

Internal selection teachers need to describe the problem for the right person first and then work with the problem owner to change their behavior. This allows an unhappy person to be in the driver's seat with his own feelings. Starting from the inside, people strengthen themselves by adjusting their own thoughts and behaviors to control what life throws on them.

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