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Talk about Women's Strength in Women's Year 2010 at the American Center

Good evening evening and sir. Today, on WOMAN DAY, we have all collected here to pay tribute to some of the best known women in India who have played a role in how the woman looks and has & # 39; walked my way after his footsteps at the time of the sand …

We've all heard of the famous quote "Behind every success, a man is a woman." It is clearly plating that usually is the place women have seen behind a man, the follower, like someone who is equally qualified, but does not have the right to become what one becomes.

The problem in India is that society has never worked exactly about gender equality. As long as a woman is born and experienced to suffer for disabled because she is a woman, as long as she is paraded around widows and judged by her appearance, fairness, etc. as long as it is vulnerable to society because it does not respect its wife the alignment is illegal to change.

Acquisition comes from true freedom to be self! The day a woman in India can live on her own without fear and does not see her woman who is characterized by weaknesses, she will see the balance in her favor. One of the biggest challenges of women to promote India is to change the attitude of society towards women and women in their own self!

When I'm standing today I ask myself how did I come here? That's because I realized that life is diminishing or proportional to man's courage. You can really have the life that you only think happens to other people.

I was born with stars in my eyes, in a very modest family where every day was struggling and life was difficult! Cook, clean … it was considered the best job for women. All I could dream of at that time was to be something my parents would be proud of, good mother and good woman. The society insisted I did not look for it. Growing up was difficult too as my height and physical strength dropped a lot of my career. But like all the little girls, my dreams became airplanes, maybe an actress or even Miss India!

Everyone said I was too short, too fat. Too poor. My classmates called me "Mini Road Roller" and as my road signs leaned … and my self-esteem also dipped. Learn sewing, cooking and mopping …. there were orders coming from all over !!! And no! Why should women learn this alone? I already knew the basics of households? I rebel and to weigh myself into the human world, I joined the army. The army is known for professionalism, strong life and discipline. Here I discovered that both sexes are in the same training and women have achieved the same skills as men. Life in independence was difficult and coping with the challenges of this new life was to strengthen me physically and mentally to fight society's laws and prove that women can do that too !! These women put is not just in the kitchen. I was thrown around like clothes in a washing machine and was polished from inside and outside to make me one of the first ruling commanders from Himachal Pradesh. A proud moment for me and a shock for the people who looked down on me physically and as women!

We were taught in the military, maintaining breastfeeding, moral and tan. When I interacted with my civilian friends, I noticed that they lacked talent to behave gravely, and always thought that technology innovation was the most important thing to get out of life. Girls who were married had let go and life for them had almost come to an end! They had cared for themselves … as the saying goes:

"Participation in the world, home in gayi, shaadi hui, puri gaayi, baccha hua, maar gayi".

This made me think that if they are encouraged and those little ones could be taught to everyone outside, then Indian women who struggled to get out of our shells could deal with the world more confidently and boldly in personal, professional and social life. And since I made a blue print my plan to be a social trainer and encourage other women to be their best.

Having taken an independent life in the army, I had to make a lot of changes when I got married, like all other women. I even had to give up a thriving career. I realize again that families will take ages to get out of the mold "women are only local" !!. They paid bills, and they helped the children at home and did not even have a moment for themselves !! And in order to improve misery, when men forkled back home, they often said, "What did you do all day?"

My Master's Training …. and a course from Swiss Indian College offered me enough to stand on my feet with confidence and now the kids were able to do without my help. I ran into my task of making my sister confident about themselves.

Even though I had this shot full of knowledge, I soon realized that no one was interested in investing his time to learn this social skills and thought it was a clean waste of time.

Ladies refused to come to a workshop saying their husbands think they should give the kids time instead and do not waste time on useless things! Why do you need a hobby? If there were any cooking or home-cooking glasses, they were fully licensed. More often than not, I was fighting a way to give a free lesson at various places to spread awareness about this subject.

Women really had to fight to make their husbands and men free from the chains of restrictive beliefs and social or religious conditions that would also keep women down and not see true beauty and power and make them understand that an independent woman can lead up safe family !!. 2 to 10, 10 to 20 …. Slow ladies realized that they had to live too …. one led to another and I realized that India was old to understand the importance of social graces and here I am today after training millions of students in different age groups and backgrounds.

Today, I am very happy to say that I am my brand and have been able to make a difference in the life of many women and have been able to give them a solid foundation to face what conditions are at home or abroad.

My biggest reaction comes in the form of gratitude when the woman tells me her husband dreams of taking her to office events when the commander tells me he is a difference in his position when a bride was accepted on her virtues rather than her appearance and middle class girl tells me she won a beauty contest but my prettiest moment is when I look around and look at the life of many women I've been able to touch and what they carry and perform in their daily lives.

My message to women is that the first step to self-esteem is learning to love yourself first because if you look down yourself you can never really love someone else. Nobody is perfect and hoping for perfection from himself or anyone else is a waste of time. By honoring yourself and treating yourself with respect, put the ladder up for others to treat you with respect.

Another thing I would like to tell all my Indian sisters who do not have a dream. Because one of the most amazing things about this life is that dreams can come true and I offer myself a living proof. With confidence and faith can prove true things to you. I promise you one thing. It will not be easy, but it's easier than spending your life, wishing that you've done something and feel sorry for you for never trying.

Women's strength can not occur unless women get together and decide to self-reliance. Movement needs to be built that creates a unique self in every woman for creative and sexual action. This will help us to see the seeds for the real strength of women in India.

If I, a little girlfriend with all my imperfections, managed to crack the human army, who wanted to be an airplane – teaches them to be one who would be Miss India, to train those who would be an actress hired to groom then … IF I can make my dream come true. Believe me so can any of you …

I want to unpack this speech with a beautiful sher!

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