Women Empowerment – Overview

There has been much talk of gender equality in which men and women are equal, so that women's crime is increased at a terrible rate. A lot has been written and spoken of who is responsible for these crimes – The man is out of the crime? Insufficient law enforcement? Community approach to women? Cultural breeding? These are not intellectual arguments that must be "run" & # 39; of television anchors and short reporters. Unfortunately, whoever you consider is responsible does not matter because there are very women who need to carry the rescue.

& # 39; Man for the Area, Woman for the Heart

Female – Use, Misuse, and Misuse According to Man's Will & # 39;

All of these quotes have been constant in my ears in recent days as violence against women continues unchanged without a period of time.

Do not misunderstand me – there's no doubt that the law needs to be made stricter, better fit, more awareness needs to spread, better social values ​​need to be indented on these issues, etc. It is much more important for the woman to stand up for her rights in a male-educated society who looks good at her as a goddess whenever she wants and as a goal of desire & # 39; at other times. For all of the same women in India, I am proud to claim that we do not want the community to worship or give us special privilege. All we ask is right to exercise our rights equally. The Constitution does not distinguish between freedom to move between man and woman. Why should a woman not go out at night like her brother, father or husband? One does not have to think ten times about "encouraging unwanted emotions" of women based on dressing-why should a woman think about it? Is my wife equal to that? that she is a woman?

What saddens me even more is that we are a country that respects doubts Devis – Adi Shakti, Durga, Parvati, Lakshmi, Saraswati. We are a country that has witnessed the wife of the prime minister, wife of the president, a number of women's prime ministers, companies and police officers. We are a country that has created special privileges for the girls in elementary schools, employment, health and social security. We are also one of the few nations in the world where women come into the army, stand in front of men, take receive and receive no concessions at all, whether in clothing, physical exercise or mental strain. This entry was facilitated because of a lot of work and unexpected emphasis Defense Minster, Hon. Sharad Pawar, believing believing what you can do a woman can do better .

Unfortunately, in spite of all this, we are still the way to change the soul in terms of gender equality and sensitivity. It is meaningless to expect people to change their minds overnight – this change will happen and is already taking place at a rapid pace. However, the biggest shift is taking place in women's minds. They are not alone, they are not helpless – it's only their thinking that makes them so. I often discuss this issue with my mother and my 12-year-old daughter – even though these women are 2 generations apart, I'm amazed at the boldness of their thoughts and the sincerity they approach the issue ]. My mother is meaningful and mature in her reply, but my daughter in school always encourages me and pushes me through a few examples, showing that she is equal in every way to her brother and all the boys in her school.

Finally, I quote from the greatest man our nation ever produced, Mahatma, who once said, & # 39; Be the change you want to see "". My sisters in India, go hand in hand and become independent, equal and free in our minds – only then will the rest of society accept us as such.


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