Women's Strength in the World

Strength means the act of giving some more power. Women's strength is very important to our society. About fifty percent of all the world's inhabitants are women. Women around the world enjoy less comparable men. Since they are 50% of the world's inhabitants, they should be given equal opportunities for men. Without their representatives, no nation can thrive in the long run. Their participation shall be ensured in development work. It matters to them. Women's development and promotion of women are two inseparable factors that must be ensured at all levels of government administration.

Once women had no power. They had no freedom of speech against exploitation. In the past they were mounted within four walls. They were treated as instruments of sexual pleasure. The liberal thinkers of the 19th and 20th centuries protested their voice against the harassment of women and advocated their rights equally to men.

The UN actively promotes women's development and strength. World Women's Day was described in 1975 and the 1940s was seen in 1975 and 1985. The goal of the women's decade is to develop women, establish rights in the family, society and workplaces.

Women's first world conference was held in Mexico in 1975. The primary element of women's development is education. Without education, no nation can flourish. Education makes people useful to society, the country and the world. Education is essential for waking awareness among women.

Women are under jaw in household maintenance, childbirth and childbirth. They are working indoors and outdoors. But they hardly get recognition of their rights. Women participate in the manual in clothing like their male counterpart. They work for 21 hours a day, which is more than men. Women can do any work as men. But they have less power comparison with men.

It is a progressive action plan on women's strength in NGOs. ADAB, a senior non-governmental organization, has five women in the executive committee. Many volunteers work to create awareness, income-based sources and investment-oriented schemes so that women can seek self-employment.

A major obstacle is for women to promote and women's development. Women are forced to work on low wages in agriculture or other unrelated industries. Most women in Bangladesh are working on the clothing at the factories at low wages. They are poor. Poverty has forced them to work on low wages. Poverty is an obstacle to women's development. Lack of education is also a barrier to women.

The role of women's representatives in local parties and politics is assured of accelerating the process of promoting women in Bangladesh. Women's support has been accelerated worldwide. At present women play a very important role in national and international affairs.

There is no choice to make women financially, socially and politically independent. Differences between men and women will be solved and the next generation will come across a new green world.


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