Women's Strength – Increased Role of Women in Society Today

In today's world, women are looking for a strong female archetype to identify. Women are called to get in touch with the fundamental principles and take responsibility. Women are called to combine and raise awareness of internal feminine energy. As the modern woman wakes up, she will find it useful to identify a familiar story that shows women's strength, strength and femininity.

Women have great ability to handle major changes, but we must prepare and strengthen ourselves to do this. This will appear as a healthy balance of male / female gender equality. Now more than ever it is important that women tie together and come together to carry out a comprehensive change in consciousness. How do we do this? How do women overcome the pain of thousands of years of mistreatment and degradation. The only way is with awareness and want to heal.

By recognizing pain and combining with one another in a group or once in a single conversation, women can cure pain. Another way women can cure is by recognizing a powerful female genotype. The story of Inanna's empire emphasizes power. As a feminine element in cosmic and human power, the Inanna divinity is dual and shows the full potential of human potential. In one sense, she is the mother of earth, her concern and caring for others is marked by her rescue and breathing watch hulluppu-tree . She displays God's gifts for humanity and stands strong and confident in order to do this. In another sense, it represents the ability of each person to conquer the difficult times and constantly gains the fuller expression of divine glory.

Women are standing and restoring their historical virtues because it is our primitive nature. This feature is a normal survival. We all want to continue our humanity and survive. This is part of who we are. It can be automatic or unconscious, but the sooner we know it, the better we will be. Women have great ability to connect with nature and the divine source. Those with deep internal knowledge are able to leave more wisdom. We all have the crew to make conscious choices and make use of self-knowledge. Inanna's story is a young woman who wears a powerful flood of the Euphrates River and saves "the tree of life." Our own modern "tree of life" is hanging with threads. Many people are beginning to recognize this on the basis of current rebels in the Middle East and recent natural disasters, ie. Japan.

What if we had somehow to prevent this? What would this look like? This might look like the beginning of the Inanna story when she brought the cedar field to the holy garden. As a recovery, it is necessary to start connecting with humanity's inner femininity.

When I say a female, I'm not just referring to women. I am referring to both men and women. Women and men contain both feminine and male. These two energies exist at the same time within each person. However, very few of us use the inner femininity of nature. Inanna represents a woman that contains a balance of male and female factors. She is strong and powerful. She takes action. In addition, Inanna's myth tells us that she is ready to save the tree and has the patience to nurture the tree. In our modern world, we need to continue and recognize the divine women. We must recognize this divinity within ourselves. Very much like Teresa's mother is dead for her femininity to be nutritious and caring. Women should also be judged for their innate ability to love and lead their families.

Women are beginning to recognize their inner femininity and it is a new policy of women who assess the importance of self-employed. Mothers who take care of their families come from ages to realize that it's ok to take time. The influx of women taking yoga classes or yoga teacher training has increased significantly. True yoga allows people to enter and meditate on internal feminine energy. The next step for women's development is to honor their own inner truths.

Women will begin to lead the way in the health of the family and their family. If a woman is healthy in mind, body and spirit, she boasts a healthy family. If a woman is unhealthy, the family is subject to shadowing that easily escapes from generation to generation. If the family is in mind, body and spirit, the children get to it and it sets points for perceiving their value. A man who criticizes his wife in front of his children leads his family to believe that this is normal and continues to create turmoil. On the other hand, a person resurrected by women's representatives will naturally create a balance of family.

The only way women will do in the course of our human race is to stand up for what they know is true in their hearts. Furthermore, they can merge with their primitive, native instincts. Women can adore the glamor of the feminine and embrace constant change in their bodies. Women should not be ashamed for a menstrual cycle or try to stop it with infusion. This is their wife. Sexual virtue should be regarded as a gift; a blessing for the creation of human life. This insight will help us to be better connected to all of our human nature.

Inanna listens her inner wisdom with an "inner ear" or her inner wisdom. She does not ignore this inner voice – she reacts quickly, no matter what the result is. She follows her inner direction to lead the way, not only for her own purpose in life but for her in her city. Inanna clearly leads to the city of Erech. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Combining Modern Divinity: With Symbols, Chakras and Myths, you will find many instances where Inanna honors the importance of her gender equality. This book describes a great example of a powerful woman and the perfect course of life development for the modern woman to follow.


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