Women's Strength

Women's strength is regarded as a very narrow word in today's world. Women's strength should focus on the holistic manifestation of women and women with the goal of creating a perfect balance between the male and female forces of nature regardless of gender. So women must expand their gender and reach all mankind to establish the community based on creative and sexual activities. Such a social order should be based on the principles of love, compassion, nutrition and the purpose of combining the natural forces.

For this to happen, it is primarily social, economic, religious and political influence on women. Women must come out of their homes and actively participate in community restructuring. When women are chosen in all areas of life with equal opportunities and when they have a choice and opportunity to lead only public life, we can talk about the basis that creates a common change in society.

We must understand the more economic, social, religious and political empowerment of women, the more assurance she has to shape her thoughts and produce her productive performance. This causes her to participate in making decisions for her family, society, the country and the world, along with her analogues that are men.

But this is not a reality as we see today. Today, structures are still exclusive-based power and control. In such an organization there is visible or invisible glass roof for women. Women can not go up the stairs outside the point. Therefore, all major structures at all levels of life are still controlled by men. The consequences of these lop-sided male dominant structures are anonymous to see. Movies and all the feminine are positive in this type of organization. Further, these patriarchal organizations are responsible for the division of society, and they contribute to very self-material structures based on treatment and endless utilization of resources.

Women's strengths at all levels of life should lead to the necessary balance required in nature. It will help to promote structures that are more inclusive, progressive, creative, constructive and generation in nature and in harmony with nature.

There is a long way to go before we see women's strengths come true. The economic impact of women is the first step towards this direction. The more the woman becomes economic power, the more progressive it becomes in other areas of life.

Therefore, it is important to study and analyze women's strength around the world and find ways to achieve women's fullest in all areas of life.


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