Yoga purpose – intensity with yoga

How can you succeed from what form of Yoga exercise, when life seems so out of control? You might have people working against your best plans. How can yoga help you develop patience to overcome daily obstacles?

When you are in a difficult situation, try to get an overview of the whole situation. Try to monitor the situation without feeling or self. Try to become an observer. This is not easy, but it is possible.

Now you might be wondering what good it will do. When you follow the situation, without taking anything personal, you will make sensible decisions and find solutions. Why? To put it simply, you created time and space to think "beyond the box". Actually, control of the situation, by changing from within.

As we change inside, the world looks very different on the outside. How can we get the right direction? There are so many possible changes. In order for us to evolve in life, we need reliable information. At this time there is over-abundance of information and experts can disagree.

Finding reliable answers depends on information, but it requires some soul to search too. Do you feel that your decision is correct? How will it affect your integrity? Will others benefit from your decision? Will anyone be injured by your decision?

Teach our teacher to look at the conditions of life neutrally. Finally, you must do moral – just decisions that you can live with.

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