10 steps to spiritual happiness

"Happiness is the purpose and purpose of life, the whole goal and the end of human existence."
– Aristotle

We hear a lot about mental healing, spiritual awakening and a new shift in spiritual consciousness that many believers occur when we spoke. If you've heard that you seemed to be in a "good spirit," it's certain that the man was a happy driver at that time.

The conclusion is that all steps we take to increase our spiritual awareness are designed to make us happier. But you do not have to organize one-to-one command with God to learn how to live happier, even if we could all enjoy it from such a meeting.

There are 10 steps you can apply today. Some people will take a little workout at first, but each one is easy to apply and can change your whole point of view in no time.

1. Beware The Energy Vampire. We all know the species. Incidentally or otherwise, some have a real knot to suck life out of others. Their main aspects are to complain about everything, closely after criticism and gossip about others. If you pay attention, you can actually find that joy and breath escaping like a winged plane. Eliminate negative people from your life whenever possible and use the other steps described here when dealing with them.

2. Know what makes you unhappy. Sometimes the best way to identify what something is first understood is to define what it is not. The same goes for happiness. Put down and write a list of things you simply have not done anymore, based on the selection. Then realize that you have a choice anywhere or not, to keep doing something. Hate a long supermarket? Find a 24-hour supermarket and shop when most sleep. You will meet a couple of minds and could even create a new friend. Does the computer make you rise? Stop watching it. Yes, it's so simple.

3. Thanksgiving. We have all been forgiven this. How often have we reviewed the cup as half empty instead of half? We should be grateful for having a cup. If you have a roof over your head, eat the table and two legs to walk along, be very grateful. Some have none of the above. If you are blessed with family or friends to call your own, let them know that you are grateful to have them in your life. They will be happier people because you share good words and will do their best to make you happy too.

4. Approval. A simple definition of recognition – that's what it is and that's okay. Life throws a lot of our career paths. How we deal with challenges determines our joy or lack it. Imagine an anther that requires a joke to make his part. That's what we do when we demand things go our way. Happy people know that it will be both good and bad in life and learning to accept both.

5. Exercise. Researchers at the Austin University of Austin found that people suffering from depression who walked in three runways for 30 minutes reported the feeling more lively and had more psychological well-being than those who did not exercise. Do you want to feel even happier? Join a volleyball team, local walking group, or family football match in the backyard. You can not help but feel comfortable when you combine physical activity and social gatherings at the same time.

6. Avoid reviews. If you want to be happy, learn to stop judging others. Learn the password here, because it's something we're all guilty of in some way. Think about how you feel the curse of your slow driver in front of you. Probably not too good. Each of us is perfect, after all? Have you ever walked out of a restaurant with a spinach that stuck in your tooth or suddenly realized that you do not have socks matching? If someone has condemned us for any mistake we have made, we do not want to feel good about ourselves. At the spiritual level, every judge we have made has become a negative energy sent to the universe. Happy people are looking for positive people and things.

7. Accept personal responsibility. We not only have the right to live happily, it is our duty to do it – if not for your own sake, then for others. Our thoughts and actions not only affect us but also affect our children, colleagues, friends, neighbors, and everyone we meet in our lives. The project negativity, we cultivate more of the same. The opposite also applies. Happy people do not blame others for their problems. The future of this world belongs to you as much as it belongs to someone else. Take responsibility for making the world a happier place for anyone you meet. Remember that even one grain of sand is part of the big beach.

8. Simplify your life. "Happiness in intelligent people is the rare thing I know." – Ernest Hemingway. Some might force the recipe for ice cubes. The more we think about things, the bigger they become, and the more frustrated we will be. Turning Molehill into a mountain is a great way to ruin your day. Some of the happiest people in the world also have few things, work simple jobs and find great pleasure in simple things in life. A walk in the garden, a picnic on the beach, or listening to music are all simple pleasures that make us feel comfortable. 3 Steps to Recovery are a great book that describes the great spiritual experience and the author's theory 3 simple steps that anyone can follow to do the same. If you feel stress before going to work in the morning, slow down and simplify your life.

9. Do something good every day. When we show kindness to others, we feel good about ourselves. You do not have to go to a monastery or become Teresa's next mother to help people. Keep the door for the next older person you see, stop and let another driver reduce the busy parking, or simply share a smile and good word with the local shopping center. It must become a win-win situation for all involved. You've made someone else happy, you're feeling good and your kindness has started a ripple effect for everyone they meet too. Again one sand grains is still part of the big beach.

10. Live in the current moment. This is my personal favorite step to congratulations. One of my favorite liquories comes from the famous Chinese philosopher called Lao Tzu. He said if you are depressed to live in the past. If you are worried you will live in the future. If you are in peace, you live in modern times. Inner peace is of course a true definition of happiness. An amazing thing happens when you emphasize only at the present moment. Step away from yesterday and tomorrow, or even five minutes ago, and look around you. Here you are, one small, but an important part of everything that is present. Notice a fountain and note that the inventor made this simple tool out of love for his neighbor. Watch flowers for the first time for a very long time. Imagine that you and the flower were made of the same source, a divine love and amazed at the breathtaking flower of soft petals, knowing that although no person on earth could make flowers from scratch, billions of flowers appear as if with magic. Stop and listen to your own spirit. Knowing that everything is well with you at this moment and you will understand the true essence of spiritual and personal happiness.


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