10 ways to gain more happiness in your life

Aristotle (384BC-322BC) once said: "Happiness depends on ourselves." And he was right, you know. Our thoughts determine almost what or how we will be. We control our thoughts (for the most part) so that by changing our thinking patterns we can determine our mindset and mood.

Did you feel happy is also good for your health? Research has shown to be a happy release of hormones called endorphins that help to alleviate the pain and stress we encounter in our daily lives. Stress is related to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. Is not it enough to want to get all the happiness we can get?

Happiness is the condition of being that we all want to cover all the awake seconds of our lives, unfortunately, people are hard for happiness. However, there are ways to achieve happiness that will work if applied properly.

Anyone can be happy in their lives, sometimes it's just a matter of being happy or allowing happiness to play a bigger role in your life. This article discusses 10 things you can do to bring more happiness to your life.

1) Love yourself. Loving yourself is not about yourself or beyond your success. Love yourself means that you agree who you are and acknowledge that you have any flaws and tend to correct them.

2) Call close friends. Having some close friends means you're not alone when you need advice or someone to share coffee or lunch with or go to the movies or pub with. Perhaps you could use shoulder to cry once at a time. Even happy people sometimes get the blues.

3) Beware of the spiritual self. I am referring to the feelings of the individual. Are you in good spirits today? Being good about yourself is a great way to lift your breath and be a happier person.

4) Use the time wisely. Time is too precious and valuable to spend. After all, no one knows exactly how much time they need to enjoy living. Do the best of every moment every day. & Nbsp; Do not worry, be happy, & # 39; is how Bobby McFerrin puts it in his song with the same name and it matters well.

5.Life is stressful enough without being constantly subject to bad news in the media. Get less stress in your life by blaming you not to respond to bad news on the TV or in the newspaper. If it did not work for you or someone near you, it's not yours to worry about it.

6. Find something to laugh about. Someone tell you a joke or think about something that made you laugh. Being happy and laughing releases those who feel good hormone endorphin in the bloodstream, reduce pain and give you natural hair. Laughter is really the best medicine.

7.Express your feelings, love, anger, hatred. Do not keep your discontent with bottles. Give them out by sharing them or working out of bad feelings by going for a walk or a run. Once again, endorphine is released during stressful hours and working out or using relaxation methods to get rid of this stress is better for health and happiness.

8. Working hard makes a personal sense of pleasure from a good job, a task that is done or correcting a task. Performance gives us a wonderful understanding of ourselves and increases our understanding of self-worth.

9. Challenge yourself to learn or try something new every day. Learning addresses your horizons and brings a new feeling in knowing that you've achieved something you're going to do and now you have something new to share with others.

10. Avoid people with negative thoughts and places where you will be frustrated and stressed. You have plenty of stress to deal with in your own life. You do not have to take the load of others.

"True happiness is of retarded character and an enemy of pomp and noise, it stems from the satisfaction of itself and almost from the friendship and conversation of some chosen partners." Joseph Addison, English Secretary (1672-1719)
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