Beautiful words – intensity and choice

I am a person who is consciously looking for ways to have a positive power. I have learned that strengthening is a double edged sword as if you can strengthen yourself or be weak in mind, body and soul. At the same time, you can strengthen yourself or gain power to a great deal.

Every day I choose to strengthen me and allow others to strengthen me for higher.

Daily I choose to give me thoughts that make my mind exciting, food that nourishes my body, stories and experiences that rise to my soul. Mind, body and soul I reinforce the greatness.

It took a lot of self-examination and learning to realize that I have always chosen to strengthen myself daily. But I have noticed that many, especially women, do not recognize the power of power and the beauty of positive domination. Too often, I'm stuck in heavy, depressed states, flowing with food and the media that make them state without being aware of what they're doing to themselves.

Now I choose to review this knowledge to those you open to receive it. My ability to choose positive things in life really came true when I understood what to do.

So, here are the basic definitions of power and choice.

Webster's Dictionary:

Power of Attorney –

1: Provide Public Authority or Legitimacy to [empowered her attorney to act on her behalf]

2: Activate 1a

3: Promote Yourself

3: Promote Yourself

] choice –

1: task choice to choose: choice is difficult to choose

2: power to choose: option [you have no choice]

Understanding the above definitions means that when we are depressed and live in feelings about be stuck and unhappy we have laid us there. Basically, we have given ourselves official power with the power of our choice to be stuck in pain. We are really responsible for how we feel. Thus, this practice led me, and everyone on earth, to give us a public authority with authority to feel good and to work on our success. We can be grateful for any circumstances if we choose to see the benefits, because being poor teachers we value little pleasure in life. Losing loved one teaches us to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones.

How has this helped me change my life and how can it help you?

Simple understanding of power and choices gives you control over how you feel and where you are going to life. I personally choose not to watch the news too often and I'm very careful about the TV shows I'm watching. I like to fill my life with happy information. I choose to boast others and stay in the company of happy people who enjoy life. I like to let people know what I want in life with the hope that they can help me with my trips.

Think, how do you choose to empower yourself and gain power? Are you choosing the daily life you want or can you choose a life for you? You have the power and power to choose.

I urge you to fill your life with things that strengthen you in a strong and positive way. That's why so many of Oprah, John Tesh and Dr. Phil, because they strengthen people to new majesty. If you want assistance in this area, I encourage you to visit [] and join me and some friends in 2 days positive impact on women in LA 2007! The conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, 17th-18th. November 2007.
Choose the chosen to live a positive, happy life you choose!


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