Choose happiness – 5 tips to help you change your glasses and change your mind

"Happiness is something you decide in advance, whether I like my room or not, does not matter how the furniture is sorted." – 92 year old woman.

I found the above quotation while I did something research and thought of happiness. It is our worldly personal experience and one desire we all share. The Buddhists say that our desire to be happy is one of the main things that connects all happy beings. We all want to be happy and no one wants to happiness Happiness in modern media is also a product like a soap that is attached to products like a big red bow to encourage us to want them and buy them. [19659002] The human prosperity is that we believe it is something we must do with our work, our money, our religion, fantasy and relationships. If we do, then we will n be happy. "x" depends on what we are asking but the alignment is always the same. The truth is that happiness is not a state to be achieved, nor is it the place in our lives that we come to. Money, thin, celebrity, you name it, everyone has been a prank as a way to happiness. None of them is. They can make each and every one make life easier and fun, but none of them can guarantee happiness. All you have to do is view through a celebrity magazine to see its sad reality.

The truth is that happy is something you decide to be. It is our result and our beliefs are driven by our beliefs about ourselves and the world. These attitudes are formed early in life and strengthened by the world as we learn and grow because we never object to them. We sincerely thank you for seeing the same glasses we were given as children and never thinking about getting a new pair. If we are lucky, these glasses will be washed along the way with life-long experience and eventually seek a new pair with advice, spiritual or other ways in an internal survey. When we later pick up a pair of our glasses, we have to make new decisions that result from the belief that happiness is where we start, not where we are going. As the old saying goes, "happy as happy does it" is. & # 39;

Here are 5 tips for organizing your mind and # 39; Congratulations:

1. Take responsibility for everything in your life now. This includes body, money, relationships, health, mind, work, all that. This is very important because accusations refuse to be happy no matter how hard they try or how much they have.

2. Decide that the power to be happy is in you, something you own, is not beyond your reach, and is not someone else to provide you. Very little, if any of what we think, happy or not, has something to do with anything outside ours. Nevertheless, we look at something or something else to fix us, or give us something we can use to feel better.

3. Stop focusing on what you do not have or what you do not want. Most of the world decide what they want, do and / or already find more money, better work, less weight, healing and sickness, and then they focus on it. Someone who wants more money thinks and complains about being in debt. Anyone who wants to lose weight thinks and complains about being fat. And then it goes. Our honesty only knows what we say to them and they are highly compatible. If you want to be a fat man, complain that you can not stand a diet and your brain will help you. Taking what you think is real, it will produce the depression to support the feeling of & # 39; I can not & # 39; and & # 39; what's the point & # 39; and you will not be able to make the necessary changes to have the body you say you want.

4. Happiness is not an aim but a moment to experience that comes from a decision to feel good. This creates a scheme that will inform your choices and help you always move towards what you want, what works well for your body, mind and spirit and what creates the sense of happiness and joy every moment.

5. Understand that we are meant to be happy. Life is considered to be fun or what is the point where no one is living. Explain, laugh on yourself, stop making a bad decision or seem silly. None of us is really so powerful or important in the large system of things. Is not it a relief?


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