Congratulations – How to conquer depression

I have not always been the happiest boy in the world. In fact, I've been depressed several times. Some are naturally happy, but others like I have had to work for it. I'm happy to say I'm pretty wonderful these days! I say I'm success and my struggle has led me to be an expert in the subject.

Most people think that happiness is under certain conditions. For example, they think they will be happy when they find their psychologists and have this adventure. or they believe happiness will find them when they are rich and no longer need to work to live. Perhaps their standards are not so high, and they think all that it would take to be happy, is a little more money, or a slightly sexy girlfriend / boyfriend, or a little more free time or fun work. Perhaps they will be happy when they eventually own their own home, start their own business or get a new car. Perhaps they are waiting for retirement to be happy. Then there are those who think happiness will come when they are mentally ill or have enough of their emotional wounds in childhood. Perhaps they will be happy when their health challenges have been solved, or they weigh what they used to weigh in high school. Perhaps they will be happy after they get married or after they leave. Do any of these sounds familiar? Think about it. If you're not happy now, you've probably got ideas on what it would make to be happy. Am I right or am I right?

I want to exclude this lie for what it is. VALUATION DOES NOT EXCEPT OUTSIDE It does not come from the conditions that are met. It happens when you stop lying to yourself that something has to be different than it already is. It comes from within. It's your natural state and it happens when you let yourself happen. It's something you form, acknowledge, radiate, express and share, not something you acquire, possess or receive. These quotes say it's so magnificent:

"Happiness can grow in any soil, live in any condition, an unclean environment. It's indoors, it's a revelation of deep inner life like light and heat, you explain the sun they radiate.The happiness is not to be, but to be, not to be acquired but to enjoy. It is a warm glow in the heart in peace with yourself. Happiness is the joy of the soul in

– William George Jordan

Many of us were taught, mostly by being happy without being unproductive. People showed us by way of example that it would be better to be dissatisfied, unhappy and unhappy to encourage you to work hard to change your situation. The fear is that if you let yourself be happy, you might become lazy and self-sufficient. Baloney! You can v be happy and motivated at the same time, even ambitious. Misery could be powerful motivation, but it is unsustainable. After being lousy and productive for a while, you start looking for interference just to get temporary relief and feel good for a moment, and it can lead to addiction.

Congratulations for no reason does not contradict goals, dreams, desires and ambitions. The future you live in has a great impact on the quality of the current moment. If the future you are living in is the future of exciting possibilities, your current moment will be rich with energy, meaning and purpose. However, if you are not conscious of designing the future you live in, you will probably fill it invalid with thoughts about your future being another version of your past. That might be acceptable to you, but is it convincing? Is it getting you out of bed in the morning and filling your cells with energy to live? So keep your goals and dreams and keep working for them, but let go of the idea that you can not be happy until you reach them.

Feeling sad, angry, irritated, bored, afraid and lonely is also okay. Let's look at it. Life is a rollercoaster. Learn to enjoy your trip. Do not let you know wrong if you are not happy anytime, day or day. You are a person. Accepting yourself and your current mindset is necessary to continue with the next experience. What you resist continues. If you suffer from the pain, you also become the death to the joy. On the other hand, if you let you find the painless moment free of opposition, get you through them quickly and you'll find a happy moment in life in full. Just do not be painful, live in the drama and try to live alive with your suffering.

Tips and Tricks to Be Happy

Gratitude: This is my first order happy. Give thanks. Thank you for everything you can think of being grateful for; and do as often and regularly as you can remember. Do it quietly to yourself, but be sure to express it too loudly.

Stop searching and start finding: Some are so defined by being an applicant that they are stuck in that facility. It's almost their identity – looking for enlightenment, seeking truth, looking for money, looking for the next high, seeking answers, looking for happiness, looking for anything. If you are an applicant for any part of your life, just quit and become a "search engine" instead. Start recognizing and acknowledging all the good stuff you find every day.

Exercise: Our bodies were made for workouts. They thus discovered over a million years. If you do not exercise your respect for the natural laws and miracles of the body. On the other hand, exercise is one of the best ways of depression with all kinds of benefits, such as increased blood circulation, positive hormone generation, stress relief, etc. Find some ways to practice what you like and you'll get even more joy out of it.

Laughter: Keep up with funny people. Watch funny movies. Do yourself and other laughs. Do I have to say more?

That's what it is: Most people live their lives in some arguments with reality. They think things should be different than they are. Favorite things that should be different: others, themselves, the life itself, our political leaders, the weather, the mood of their day, their parents, their children, how anyone is doing, you name it. This is the cause of suffering. If you want to learn to be alone, read the book, "Loving What Is" by Bryon Katie.

Learn To Accept: Lack is a perspective that many have permanently agreed. It's as if they wear lack of shades and they never see enough, no matter how much it is. Not enough time, not enough love, not enough energy, not enough fun, not enough sex, not enough, you name it – not enough. Recognizing "enough" is a choice, skill, habits and new way to see things. Start looking for enough and you will find it; and it certainly feels good! Revel In Satisfaction: Learn to slow down and savor the moment. I have noticed that many people have unconscious goals about how much pleasure they will allow themselves to experience. They hit their limits and quickly go to the next experience. If you enjoy something, slow down, plunge into it, let yourself enjoy it even more. You can continue to increase your ability to find happiness, joy, pleasure, love, turmoil, gratitude, pleasure and peace. Do it yours.

Learn to acknowledge happiness: Happiness is basically emotional. There are infinite changes to feel good. Here are just a few: laughter, gratitude, peace, happiness, warm, love, generosity, passion, purpose, submission, creativity, release, aliveness, joy, playfulness, satisfaction, centralized, complete, giddy, defeated. Your body is an optimized instrument that is capable of experiencing the great harmony of life's emotions.

Happy moments: Even the happiest people in the world are only happy moments. Happiness is happily. The trick is to notice when you have a happy moment. Noting it can help you evaluate it more and even increase it. Let go of an ambitious goal to be happy all the time and simply work to have more happy moments. If you are depressed and you are only one happy moment all day, welcome it! Then start creating the next one. Make a happy person, one happy moment at a time. The Happiness Challenge

WARNING: Taking 5 minutes to do this exercise could lead to happier happiness for the rest of your life.

Step 1: Make a list of everything you think would make you happy. Be sure to cover all long-term goals. Also contain something you would like to get rid of or change to be happier.

Step 2: Now acknowledge and declare that you do not have any of these things to be happy. In fact, you can be very happy without any of them.

Step 3: Make your own mind that you will never allow any of the items on the list to be the reason why you are not happy.

Step 4: Keep waiting for being happy. From day to day, admit that happiness is what you are and allow it to expand and radiate out of your middle. Be happy for no reason.


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