Contribution in leadership

The model model is developed by L. Michael Hall Ph.D. is a thorough and measurable leadership leadership that consists of seven criteria based on research on successful leaders.

This article will explain four of these criteria, contributions, in detail and describe specific steps that can be implemented to improve your own leadership. 19659002] What is your contribution?

Contribution is to give our time, energy, ideas, knowledge, feelings, help, money, etc. To society. Demonstrating leadership with contribution involves participation and support for communities that apply to the field you work within and the team you are leading.

Key Issues For Leadership

The following key questions will help you apply this guideline in practice to becoming a great leader.

What have you added to the community?

Leaders reach new businesses and contribute to ideas and discoveries

There are many different ways you can submit. For example, you can offer time and energy to support others, either through industry or groups or with charity activities. By exploring new areas in your area and publishing this information, you can provide other thought leaders. Listing best practices and procedures and sharing them with training programs and conferences also helps improve the overall level of society. Guiding individuals within the organization are another great way to share your talents and experience. What investments of time, effort, money, intelligence, etc. Have you submitted?

] Look back and review different contributions you've made in relation to your team, knowledge base and community. Also, try how often you've done these investments and how long it has been since you last did. Consider whether these contributions would encourage and motivate you or others to join and follow your guidance.

What are you doing now?

You can choose to contribute at any time. What are you doing now contributing to others? What else can you do? If you are reading this article, you might want to review some useful or interesting information to distribute others or even write something of your own to share.

It's no better time than now to start promoting others!

Being a Leading Leader

True leaders serve their community by investing self, time and energy and promoting the health and energy of those who follow. We can see this for example in the famous company leaders such as Fred Smith (FedEx), Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines) and Bill Gates (Microsoft), who have all contributed significantly to supporting their employees and participating in external activities to develop the relevant areas and also support educational institutions and charities.

How much do you contribute to your community and team? What else could you do now?


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