Drug abuse and everything that affects the search for happiness

Unlawful drug abuse despite the law is often considered a personal choice, and many believe that in the spirit of antidepressants purchased to legalize. But then we also know that many people who use drugs can not control themselves and end up with drug abuse or drug abuse. Recently, this was discussed about the length of online thinking software. One thought teacher appeared in the discussion online:

"I believe that if you are using toxicity, regardless of what content, met, alcohol, cocaine … it does not matter when you start disturbing others citizens are entitled to adequate and peaceful existence, by fighting, causing an accident, the need for emergency services, distributed, etc., you are not only a criminal charged with an additional fee for drug abuse. "

Indeed, there is a problem and that Unfortunately, too often with pharmacists and drug-drug attempts. Another thought-designate member was in part in agreement with this statement and further said:

"I'm glad we agree on this point. The last point is that we are deliberately thinking that if we refuse people to experiment or decide say that it brushes under the blanket will rear the ugly head of surprises where all humanity is well received and I agree that living in denial of this real problem is nothing at all good at all and the current way of dealing with drug abuse here at country is not working. Mixed messages with "just say no" theme, as we say the children are bad news and tell them it's legal, easy to find and available, you see the problem. Have made it so social " okay "and so the children had a root bear but a shot of alcohol."

The debate took place on many sites and is far from on. Of course, the thinking theory needs more input before making any kind of solution or issue of any kind of report. We hope to have a national debate on this topic and join others who see problems and strive to get the best drug delivery in the American Society. Consider all this in 2006.


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