Effect of music on happiness

Each of us has paraphrased William Congreve the line from his game, The Mourning Bride: "Music has the charm to calm the rescue of a beast (in fact, breast)." But what is the experience to support this statement, and what impact does music have on our stress levels and how happy and healthy our lives are?

A study that is more than a decade old, researchers at Texas University at Tyler (Hubbard, 2001) says that "sounds faster, faster, happier, brighter and faster. For statistical explanation.

But the sense of happiness does not mean necessarily, we feel better, feel less stress or experience better health. However, other studies confirm this effect. The question is, raises the happiness of certain music

Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine announced (2001) that "all types of music could reduce heart rate and blood pressure and controlled stress. select the music. In other words, when people choose to choose music, they seem to be relaxed. "Again, this is obviously obvious. When we are in control of circumstances, we are more likely to emphasize it and our heart rate and blood pressure should be reduced again.

Compliance with this study concluded that music could decrease stress in connection with ophthalmology. This is less intuitive than in other studies of the correlation between the music we use and the sense of well-being.

Is any music likely to affect us positively? The answer is intuitively clear: yes We are all watered, soothed, excited, happy, sad or emboldened by special songs, music or music. For example, I find blues very fun and soothing when the name suggests that I should be sad, but I'm not no matter about jazz and I feel excited when it's playing. Electronica and New Age music are relaxing late In the evening, classic music adds strength. Lynn Anderson's "Rose Garden" and Bony "Brown Girl In The Ring" meet similar feelings, both of which are linked to particularly memorable times in my life.

Some laws, for others, send tremors to the spine, or produce goats. These are not a comprehensive response. Scientists say that no external stimuli will automatically trigger stress (or happiness) unless we choose to make it happen. For many of us, however, this response seems automatic. Stress responses always depend on how the event interpreted or perceived.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine believes listening to your favorite music is good for the cardiovascular system and has a healthy effect on blood activity. Miller M, Beach V, Mangano C, Vogel RA, verbal presentation, American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, 11/11/2008).

Empirical data from objective trials along with information about non-traditional information from subjective reports point to a clear fact: good music means good health and good mood. Then turn to the rapper list, unless you hit a rap, sing with your favorite opera unless you're like your neighbors and happily! It's good for all of us.


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