Employee motivation – 10 tips for increasing career

Increase Vocational Education by Enabling Power Enhancement

Employee motivation and productivity can be enhanced and improved by creating a working environment that maximizes those factors that affect performance. These factors are easy to understand, easy to measure and can add value to any organization that is ready to implement them. Use these 10 tips to make sure your employees are powerful and inspired to get the best results.

1. Interesting work

Intrinsic motivation comes from the overlap of joy and pleasure from doing tasks. When you read a great book, you do not have to pay for each page you read. It's a pleasure to learn how the story evolves and watch the plot. It is the same way with employee incentives. To maximize employee performance, find out what employees like their jobs and then try to add more projects that match their own natural interests and abilities.

2. Gratitude and Recognition

William James said: "The deepest desire of human nature is thanks." It does not matter how much you pay someone, everyone wants to know that their efforts are seen and appreciated, especially by their manager. Do not just send them thanks email – it just means you're well enough to enter the "Enter" key. If you really want to thank someone, buy the real "Thank you" card and describe how their behavior and performance have increased value for teams and organizations. Make the goal of getting people to do the right things and they will inevitably do things more often.

3. Emotion that is relevant to working methods

Studies show that when people get involved in creating systems or processes, they are much more likely to follow, but one of them is simply done by an external expert. Recognize that the people who do the job have knowledge of how to make it better, faster and cheaper. If you want them to tell you, please help them to offer suggestions and reward employees who submit ideas that increase value in the bottom line.

4. Achievement

Napoleon once said: "It's amazing how happy men are risking their lives for a little tin and ribbon to be on their chest." Prizes and prizes can serve as a great motivation to capitalize on the power of healthy competition. It's always better to use prizes that are meaningful and motivating. When an employee exceeds your expectations, make sure you understand their performance. On the day that someone retired, they will pack up these prizes and prizes to serve as fond of a reminder of a wonderful career.

5. Occupational Safety

If everyone had what it takes to be an entrepreneur, there would be no General Electric or Toyota and we would all buy products from artists and industrial workers. Fortunately, many people choose to be part of a large organization and can be productive when they get focused on doing their job instead of worrying about developing a business plan or marketing strategy. To tell people that they are lucky to get a job creates an atmosphere of fear and concern that reduces labor. Instead of telling your employees that the company is lucky enough to have such talent and committed workforce and people will be proud of their work and business.

6. Increased Liability

We all know that some employees lack ambition and have no desire to take part in the job, but the vast majority of employees want a chance to take more responsibility and add more value to the company. Always be aware of the possibility of training that will equip your employees with the skills and tools that need to be done in their work. Always try to fill open locations with internal applications before searching for an external applicant. This will create a culture of career development and preserve the organization's memory and organizational know-how so that it can be transferred to growing workers they perform in their own career.

7. Good Wages

Robert Bosch, the founder of the world's largest car repair company, said: "I do not pay good salary because I have a lot of money, I have a lot of money because I pay a good salary." If you want to have a motivated , high-performance employees, you need to pay such people according to their ability and performance. Good employees are encouraged by more than just a good salary, but never allow low wages to be a wedge that a competitor can use to steal you the best people.

8. Good working conditions

To get the most out of people, you need to create a comfortable environment. At the minimum, you must offer a safe, clean and sanitary facility. To get the most out of work, help them to be proud of the workplace, even if it's only a device or workstation. Allow people to customize their own work pages with pictures or small jewelry so they will feel like they belong only to them.

9. Being a member of a group

Being part of the disturbing team is an emotional drying experience that leads to low morality, low productivity and high turnover. The great coach, Vince Lombardi, once said: "Individual committed to group work – that's what makes teamwork, business work, community work, civilization." We are all social fit and we all want to be part of a healthy group where we can provide and receive support, help and encouragement. Organizations can take advantage of this natural desire of people by coordinating employee efforts to achieve goals that are mutual for both organization and employees.

10. Help with personal problems

How often have you heard of a bad boss who told his employees to leave their problems at the door so that they could focus on their work? Unfortunately, they probably understood their motivation and productivity at the door too. Smart managers know it's not their job to be a consultant or psychologist, but it's a job where we know when one of their employees has personal problems that affect their practices. They need to have open lines of honest communication so that employees can feel encouraged to request help and then directly to the Human Resources or Human Resources.


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