Employee motivation: Employee understanding & # 39; Need

Reflective employees can be challenging tasks. In order to get staff to motivate employees, it helps to understand what motivates people. This article discusses key topics that encourage people. Understanding these motivating factors can help find the right solution to motivate employees.

One of the keys to being a successful manager is the ability to encourage employees to perform their best. When employees are not interested in their work or are bored, employee incentives are low and productivity decreases. Generally, an employee is ready and able to work if they believe that their work is important and they appreciate. When employees are encouraged, there are two main types of prizes, own prizes and outstanding prizes.

People are interested in different ways, one of them has its own award. Intrinsic prizes or internal focus especially on the feelings an employee has when they have worked a good job.

They do it because they enjoy it. This can be seen more in hobbies or in a sense of duty to do well in one job. Another type of reward is foreign. Extrinsic prizes or extrinsic motivation refer to tangible or intangible rewards you have received from others. Promise, pay rise, bonuses and promotions are some examples of extrinsic awards. The traditional method of stimulating employees has been used to use experiments. To better understand how to motivate employees, you must first understand how motivation works. According to Abraham Maslow, men are encouraged to inadequate needs. Maslow's hierarchy needs:

1. Psychological Needs – These are your main needs, such as food, water and shelter.

2. Security needs – Workers want to be safe at work.

3. Social needs – the need to feel well and part of the group.

4. Attitude needs – the need for recognition and recognition of others.

5. Automation needs – the need to develop to full potential.

In words, when one of these needs is met, one will begin to meet the next need. As a manager, it is important to understand what kind of needs you are dealing with. Your needs and needs are largely the same. When motivating your employees, it is important to have a good understanding of what is needed to better understand your employees. There are many methods that are used to encourage employees. This article was written to help you understand the types of needs you can borrow while implementing methods that are the key to stimulating employees.


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