Encouraged to pursue happiness

They say that performance is the ability to buy what you want, whenever you want, at whatever price you want without worrying about it. (So ​​they say). They say that success is having the financial ability to travel whenever you want, at whatever cost you want without worrying about it. (So ​​they say). They say the success of having a mansion somewhere in paradise with some brands. (So ​​they say). They say that success is the definition of happiness. (So ​​they say).

Why do not you stop allowing people to define what performance you have? Because one person's success could be another person & # 39; headache. So, the true question, what does success really mean to you. What does performance mean to you? Do not allow people to cause you to lose jealousy for encouragement. Are your wishes fueled with jealousy, or are they driven by motivation? Are you jealous in a bigger house, bigger car, neighbors & # 39; life, or are you encouraged to live and live a better life? A life that is fulfilled with happiness, hope and true success. Ask yourself three times every morning for the next seven days, what does performance mean to me?

My success, however, is Jubilee Destine Success, called my first child. I learn how to encourage me to pursue the happiness I need to succeed. Remember there is no motivation without self-motivation. Freelance is simply speaking the words that someone else had spoken. Committing you to walk happiness, rather than allowing others to lead you into wrong happiness. It does not matter what the goals are, or what your preferences are, when it is not fulfilled with self-motivation, it's just another disaster that's going to happen. In other words, succeed for yourself, lean on the strength of your heart, the wealth of your mind and trust yourself to be the main developer who inspires you.

You see! The mind leads the body, but it takes only one word to lead your mind, speaking these words to yourself. Motivate, succeed, pursue happiness.


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