Environmental sustainability

We've all heard that you're the one you hang around with. But most people realize that your money is also what you hang around.

If you eat every day, beef is obscene, when you look like beef. If all you have in mind are old, dried negative thoughts, your brain will often be a spiritual beef.

But if you put healthy in your body – vitamins, minerals, water, protein, complex carbohydrates – your body will look great. If you have friends and family who have a positive mindset and make a positive financial step in your life, your mind will also be positive and be willing to receive more money.

Finally, your money is what your mind thinks. You can not generate positive income with negative thinking. And you can not have a positive financial mind when spending time with friends who have negative thoughts about money.

Understand, you can still love and care about your friends and family, but if they do not support your faith in money, do not talk to them about money. You can talk about family types, sports, food and other things, but absolutely do not let them talk about money in your presence.

When you have negative friends around you, your income will be acceptable to your life. It's justification for where you are, because you want to fit in. When you are inspired to lead a house and earn a lot of money, your friends do not think it's a good idea, somewhere in your mind, you must talk out of it. And you think: "Well, I'm the way they are."

People who have money have friends who support and help each other. As you grow up in your investment career, you want to make friends with people who will be excited for you when you find bids. You want friends who get excited for you when you find offers. You want friends who become jazzed when you buy a great asset.

Friends like this really help you to create more energy in your life. They give you the desire to make more deals, to make more money. They support you.

I remember how it was like when I started and did not have friends around me who were very successful in real estate. I felt as much support for this field. I wanted environmental promotion.

Years later, when thousands of television broadcasters asked me for advice about returning home, I remembered how important it was to create this environmentally friendly environment. I wish my students were given the opportunity to create a positive equilibrium pressure around them. I wanted to create shortcuts so my students would not have to work as hard or feel as lonely as I did in my early years. I created websites, blogs, books, courses and training teams to provide people with the support they need to succeed.

I believe in creating this community because without support you get something very simple and makes it very difficult.


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