Fitness, motivation and attitude

"Fitness is what you can do." "Motivation draws attention to what you do." Attitude determines how well you do it. "Lou Holtz

There are three main aspects of your life that determine whether you are doing well in your projects. You will not be successful if you only have one or two. You must have all three work together like three feet" succession. "

Can – the level you can really do things. Your skill level .If you have great skills, the better you get, the better it will be for you. as you can perform your actions on higher and higher levels of skill, the more and more results you find in the selected box.

Motivation – The step on which you can find a "reason to respond." This is the internal drive that you finds that enables you to take advantage of your abilities. To the extent that you can find a way, or ways to keep you motivated, you will see yourself in the thick parts and perform an action Yours for the best of your abilit me and succeed accordingly.

Attitude – This is a mental state that you have when you perform your actions to the best of your ability. That's how you look around the world around you and choose to see it, either positive or negative. To the extent that you can hold a positive attitude about yourself, others and the circumstances you find yourself in, you will see yourself gaining more and more things.

"But Chris, can not I get away with only two?"


What if you have great talent and motivation but a clean attitude? People will stay away and prevent your success. What if you have a good attitude and motivation but poor skills? People will resemble you, maybe even root for you, but go to someone else with the skills you need. What if you have great abilities and attitudes but no motivation? Well, you'll sit on the couch like a lazy snail, but go-getters are out there and make your money and catch your dreams!

No, it takes all three. Let's ask a few questions:
Can: How talented are you? Is your ability to hold you back? How then? What could you do if you took your skills to the next level outside where they are now? How would your skills improve your performance?

Motivation: What enthusiasm are you? Why do you answer that? What would your spouse or close friends say? Do you want to say you're as enthusiastic as you say you are? Why or why not? Why do you have the motivation you have? What could you do to find higher incentives? What would happen if you became very interested for the next period of your life. What wonderful things would happen?

Attitude: Do you have a good attitude or the poor? How would you rate yourself? What about when things go wrong? Are you more optimistic or pessimistic? What would happen if you watched the next level for the next 60 days? What if you just chose to have an amazing attitude? What would be the consequences?

"The world is very small about what a man or a woman knows, that's what a man or a woman can do." Booker T. Washington
This is so true. People will judge what you've achieved, not what you know or what you're talking about. Indeed, if you know a lot or talk a lot but do not catch anything, people will wonder what happened. So, the question is whether you will take the action necessary to take care of your potential. To do that, you need to focus on three leg stools on success: your ability, your motivation, and your attitude.
Take some time this week to give some serious thoughts in these three areas. Your success depends on it! And once you've made some reflections – take the results you come to action!


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