Happiness and Your Subconscious

Most likely you are reading this now because you really want to change your life in some way. You may want to eliminate unwanted habits, like variants of some kind. Or you might want better relationships, or to be better financially. It's also possible that you just want to be happier and more alone, both with you and others. Before you begin to improve your life, you may want to explore the area. Let's talk about the underlying rules of significant changes, how to rearrange the subconscious concept.

Subconscious Mind

Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to change? I am currently talking about very important changes, such as losing weight or risking doing bad habits such as smoking or getting out of a disgusting relationship, something you know you really want to do. Why can it be difficult to do this? Why can not you tell yourself the necessary actions and proceed?

Maybe it's because you're not really responsible! Perhaps there are other forces at work, powerful forces that are within you completely beyond your awareness. Let this call your subconscious mind.

Now it's a big stuff. Here it is in short. There will be much detail later in this report.

Your brain is huge and very complicated, much more complicated than you could ever see or even imagine. Here are some of the things that it does for you without your consciousness:

• Self-employed actions like walking and running. How do you want to tell yourself how to walk step by step? Try it some time for laughs. It must be automatic to work. You tell your brain where you want to leave and it takes.

• Self-acting actions like breathing and digestion. Do you want to manage your glands, postoperative activity? Sounds like fun?

• Input Filter. You are constantly bombarded with sensors … sound, sights, odors, tangible perception … all too many to take in. The brain automatically selects a small portion of these intakes to promote awareness.

• Response. Within every minute of your time, you can answer a lot of situations that require some kind of action. It may be smiling to respond to a question or awakening eyebrow or angry response … you have an amazingly rich tank response. Your brain automatically selects what looks best, usually without your consciousness. Sometimes you can change this answer, but it takes talent.

Now there are four activities that your brain is facing now, as you read this. All of them without much awareness on your part. I'm sure there are many others. The point is that this is happening now and that it goes at all times. In fact, you work on an auto pilot in almost all your mental and physical work and you are not aware of it. You think you are responsible!

We will first and foremost deal with two subconscious jobs; input filter and response. Why? Because these are two features that control a large part of your life, especially your happiness, and that's the content of this report.

Very life is random. Both positive and negative things come to you, mostly outside your management. Your mind changes the awareness of them, so only a part of these events is known to you. Your bias (rules for your subconscious mind) determine which entry is through you and who not.

Although your subconscious is beyond your knowledge and beyond management, it can be trained. It takes time and effort, but it can be done. More about this later. That's how you can change your life.

You will read about sound recordings as a way to bring you personal happiness. You will find a link to the entry list at the end of this article. Please let it down and listen to it so you can get an idea of ​​what this powerful method can do for you. There are many other recordings that bring you special benefits. You will find them at the end of most sections in the book "Happiness Guide". All recordings are free. You can listen to them anytime and anywhere.

These entries increase your sensitivity. You will be aware of the conscious level of bad things that prevent you from breathing. More importantly, you will be aware of good things that will prevent you from using it easily. You quickly learn to grab the copper ring that swings in your gap every millennium or so. It's one secret of a good life. You can not control if there is an opportunity, but there are chances that some good things will happen sooner or later. You can learn to recognize good things when it comes to a floating path and grab it.

How do you feel wealth? Are you aware that you can easily improve your financial situation with just a few minor changes to you? But you must be willing to do this, both consciously and subconsciously. More about this later.

Subconscious Mind

How it became. And what you can do about it.

We have now talked about the subconscious mind and how it drives your life. First, self-employed is like walking. Then works self-employed like the body process. Breathing and digestion and the like.

We then discussed two other subconscious actions … filter the input you receive so you can process them and your automated response so you can see them. These two areas are very important. These are two areas of subconsciousness that determine how happy and happy your are. In fact, they determine your entire life because they control how you relate to other people. Your relationships with other people literally determine your success or mistakes in life … they are an important factor in happiness and success.

There are two aspects of your relationship. First is how you perceive others. This is your picture. Your answers to other people control your picture and the thought of others imagine how they treat you. If you get away as an angry and threatening person, they will avoid you and treat you badly. If you come away as friendly and well meant they will treat you well and give you a chance. It's so simple.

Secondly, is how you perceive other people and the world around you. Some have an inner belief that the world is bad and threatening. Therefore, they are too sensitive to bad news and are usually negative. They automatically reject optimistic news and ignore it, so their world is always negative. These people unknowingly create the exact world they expect.

Others have internal belief that the world is good and that good things will happen to them. These people treat bad news as part of the game, and almost always feel something good about what's happening to them. These people attract good luck.

Your inner belief system determines your perception of other people and the world around you, and also determines how you feel about other people in the world. Your inner belief system is a big part of your subconscious mind. It is the world map you carry with you, under your consciousness. It's a guide and compass, source of information and strategy. You do not know it's there, but it's always leading you.

So where did this internal card come from? It is a final project of all your years of experience on this planet. But most of your cardmaking occurred when you were very young, even before birth.

When you were born, your first task was to live. You were completely helpless, completely in the mercy of an adult representative, which was probably unruly to some extent. We are all, you know. The difference is mainly in style and degree of unrest. So you had to cater to a family with their own style of harmful behavior, which they learned again when they were very young and so on. You inherit literally the behavior and attitudes of the family in order to be able to monitor them, to predict their behavior and to resolve their problems.

It did not work? You are alive today. You lived from birth and youth. And you have an internal belief system and subconscious mind that you developed when you were very young to cope with current circumstances. But it still works the same way you did when you were little. And that's what this report is about … how to change your beliefs and subconscious minds for the better. You are going to learn how to change your belief system for the better, review your unconscious mind to happiness. So here's the first clue … the process begins with awareness. Before you can change what you need to be aware of. So start with the idea that you can become aware of your subconscious mind. You must learn various ways to do this.

Your subconscious mind … How did this happen

Earlier we discussed your subconscious mind and how it literally drives your life. In short, you think you are responsible for what you do, say and think, but it's not really the way it is. It's as if you want things to be. The truth is that you work mostly with an auto pilot, without understanding much about why you're doing what you're doing, telling what you're saying, feeling about what you're perceiving and experiencing the world in the way you do.

How often have you said to yourself, "How could I have said that? Or did it? What was I thinking?"

How often have you run on the freeway only in miles and miles to realize that you have no memory in the last five kilometers, simply thinking of other things?

Have you ever seen a good person and noticed how much they resemble one of your parents, though you did not know when you met them and fell in love?

When was the last time you tried to change very bad habits, like smoking or overeating, andave up after a few foul starts all your good intentions?

All this is your subconscious at work. Well below your level. Work in running your life, without your knowledge.

So where did this subconscious come from you? From the sum of all your experiences in life, but mostly from initial experience when you do not want to create a life plan and when it was very easy for you to take on new knowledge and habits. Back before you were two years before you could read and write even before you were born. Embryonic embryos can understand what is happening. Play the song often just outside the womb and the newborn will respond after birth.

What does your subconscious idea form? Do you have your experience? Remember that you are very young and very helpless and your task is to survive. You do this by quickly studying your psychological and social environment, who is responsible, how to please them, how to get the care and chest you need. You learn how to work within independent view and expectations, simply bypassing.

If you're lucky enough to be born in a family that has close and close relationships, you'll soon learn how to connect emotionally. If you are unlucky to be born in a family who is very well-off and has a lot of anger, you will soon learn to be a defender and unhappy. This way you fit directly into the current environment. Unfortunately, this study will be with you throughout your life unless you do something about it.

Your future relationships are based on the relationships you experience when you are very young. Namely; how your parents and other caregivers had treated you and how they got each other. This experienced and advanced behavior quickly became for you. All other behaviors became abnormal and uncomfortable.

My family was very crazy. They were always fighting with each other, usually at a minor stage of sniping and disparagement. They seemed to be loving and gentle but they were not. There is nothing to deceive a little child. I grow up at home with nastiness.

One day when I was around four, I made a lemon sale with the child in a nearby family. The mother and the father really loved their child, really and warmly. I was with them on the front of the lawn, and was so uncomfortable that I could not stand it and had to leave. The experience of true warmth and love was far away from my expectations. My own experience was only sniping and hostility. I could not stand a good treatment.

You take up all of your beliefs and basic opinions when you are very small. How do you feel about rich people now? How did your parents feel and what did they say? About doctors and lawyers? About the government, about people in other countries? Do you feel safe in your skin, or do you feel threatened in many ways?

Your Subconscious Mind – How It Started

Imagine a long time long before you were born. You are inside your mother, just starting to form in a person. Somewhere along the line you begin to develop your mind, wit that will later become your brain. But now it's very rudimentary. Yet super sensitive.

You have nothing more to do than become a person and to experience everything that prevents you. You absorb all the emotions of the mother, sending you both chemically and mentally. You're literally one with her. You experience her satisfaction and her fear, her concern and her love. You can not help her … you're part of her.

Later, a month before you were born, you will be sensitive to some world beyond your mother's. If your parents play a song for you, it becomes part of your memory and you know it after you've been born. You unclear realize other things "the world out there".

Your birth experience, unless you are very lucky, is sufficiently traumatic to scare the hell out of you. Sudden transition from total to brilliant light, from warm-tempered womb to cooling, for stationary, from neutral silence to crashing noise. It is surprising that some of us live from birth experience.

So where are you right now after birth? Probably in a crib, possibly very curious about a new environment, without language and very limited thinking. But you know what's happening in the emotional arena and are extremely sensitive to everything in your environment. You already have a personality. Newborns can be assessed whether they are placid or aggressive, curious or idle and so on. Many years later, their adults will have the same qualities.

Now it's time to go home with your parents. Your owners, mentors, your gods. You instinctively know that you owe your life to these people … without those you can not possibly survive. Thus, all your focus is on integrating into a small community that is at your disposal. In order to make sure you live. You must find out how to predict your parents and # 39; answers to your actions, how they react in a variety of situations and how you will respond to please them.

Now it's quite possible that your parents are wonderful, caring people who are an expert in the care and feeding of youngsters and how to bring them to full and adult adults. Do you want to bet on this? Most of those I know in this world, including me, are quite limited. There are many areas where we do not feel as good as we could. (I'm good.) We adults tend to be rigid, illogical, full of superstitions, angry, frustrated, either unpredictable in our answers or in all and very strictly predictable and very limited. This has something to do with how we were raised, how we develop our subconscious, starting very early in life. Just like you.

That's what you make, as newborn, to take on all the nonsense of the family you're born in. You personally experience how they treat you, each inspiration, and any minority group. You know if they really resemble you or if they just say they do. You know if you are truly welcome or that the success of an "accident" is the best.

You personally experience how they treat each other. Not what they say they do, but what they actually do. You can not be deceived. You do not even know the language, but you definitely know the sounds of the voice, the body and the minor mental baffles. You're one insane little being. You receive "worldview" how people should "relate" to each other based on how your parents relate to each other and you and other important people.

This will be your subconscious, a map of the world you're with you without realizing it. Throughout your adult life, unless you choose to do something about it. What is this report about. The second part discusses how you think of the presence of your subconscious so that it is invisible and beyond your awareness. Good stuff!

What is your subconscious mind?

Imagine the subconscious as a great collection of tools. Here are some:

Map Tools
This is a guide to your world, mainly in terms of one role in relation to another. Like love = pleasure, close = stop, relative = good person and so on. Very often, the organization is inconsistent with each other. These organizations are based on all the experiences you have had in your life, returning to birth.

Input Filter
You are constantly bombarded with sensors. Sights, sounds, tangible perception, taste, smell and common sense. There is no way you could possibly win all these inputs. You would be mad. Your inner mind is very fast and a leading computer. It passes through all inputs and selects a small percentage of them for your conscious coverage. Only those inputs that are within your experience, only those inputs that prevent mental pain, only those inputs that have some survival significance, and so on.

Output Selector
You need to constantly respond to people and situations that occur. Someone smiles at you and you're just rushing back. Where is this a normal reaction? From your subconscious mind. You do not say to yourself, "this person just smiled at me so I'll smile again". You only do it automatically. Almost all of your answers are fully automated. You are aware of them ever, but certainly not at any time.

Every time you are asked to make decisions, like buying a car or house, or getting married, or making an investment. Most of the time your decisions are minor, like any movie watching tonight. But you always make decisions and most of them are not made logically. You go with the "intestines of the emotions", the inner perception that guides you. Where do these "bowel feelings" come from? From the subconscious, of course.

Other features are languages, both written and spoken, image processing, memory and so on. Hundreds of actions.

Imagine moments of all experiences of life, each and every detached person, swimming around the subconscious ocean. Connection and connection, connection and communication. All of them are available to you, but without awareness. Then your internal speaker comes up, describes the problem and gets a response. On the leading and emotional level. You get this information and respond to it.

I like us as logical and organized. Sometimes we are. But most of the time our feelings run us. This is fine, as long as our feelings are in good shape. Not so nice if we have emotional problems and have blocks, like inability to succeed. More about this later.

How is my subconscious associated with me?

How do you know when something is wrong with you? When you are in the "uncomfortable" situation? Simple … because you're inconvenient. Your subconscious mind is sending you discomfort. How does it do that? With your nervous system. Your subconscious mind turns on your inconvenience and it is very good at this.

Discomfort from inconvenience other than human. For some, muscular tension, for other stomach ache, might be another sharp feeling close to the heart. Some may experience mental discomfort, like some confusion. It also changes from time to time, and from circumstances to circumstances. But it's definitely there. Your subconscious allows you to know when you are entering a dangerous territory. You just have to be aware of the inconvenience.

It's now under your subconscious, what's in it and how it's in contact with you. Warning … all this is a great oversimplification. The things are actually much more complicated than this explanation is good enough for now.

Thank you for reading this far. It shows you are interested in improving your life. The purpose of this report is to give you ways to improve your welfare considerably. I hope you can take advantage of the principles you are studying.

How Your Subconscious Looked From You

It's a strong hypothesis that the subconscious is a recent purchase. Or rather the term we have two minds, one that knows us reliably and the other is largely unknown.

Back about 5,000 years ago, our cousin spoke to God in a consistent manner. They exist in the world of magic and dental and accept this. It seems that our cortex and other higher brain functions did not occur until quite recently.

It also seems that we do not understand a conscious part of our mind until we are almost an adult, maybe 10 years of age. Until then, our thinking is almost completely casting. We can discuss the characteristics that we can touch or see, but not abstract concepts. We lack an important facility that leaves a lot of imagination from reality.

85% of children under 10 years of age are deeply hypnotic. They go deep trance easily and can easily accept tips. Only 15% or so adults are deeply hypnotizable. That's why obsession must be so selective. He carefully watches his audience to find the suspects.

What happens? In our growing mind develop an important facility, the ability to separate reality from imagination. When this happens, we tend to lose contact with all the "unrealistic" elements of our inner mind. But some do not. We keep our relationship with the "magic" part of our minds.

Subconscious mind is very flexible, very open for proposal. At one time or another, we have all looked at a column idea about issues that tell us about content that they can not remember their own name. And they could not! Try as hard as they wanted, they could not come up with their name.

It's about what happens with all your subconscious mind, once you've developed an important facility. There will be terra incognita, a place where you never go. You do not even know that it exists.

Here is the sequence. First, you develop your subconscious mind while you are very young. Almost all of her contents expire before you are five years old. That's when you're most noticeable and that's when you gather most of your information.

Somewhere about 10 years old, you develop talent to separate imagination from reality. Maybe much sooner. Santa Claus and Easter cake have long been a fan of numbers. You now understand how the adults around you really work and how to manage them. You no longer believe in magic or spirit or other "supernatural" phenomenon, especially any magic that might drive you inside. Your subconscious mind has actually finished itself, gone underground and sealed itself. It did this while you were still very hypnotizable, when you were one of 85% of children who can go deep trance easily. Your subconscious mind is fully completed (except minor minor changes), create a door to close yourself, lock the door and then disguised the door so little that you do not feel right now and are not even aware of it.

Now you are an adult and are no longer able to go into an unknown part of the mind. Indeed, if it were not for this report, you would not even know. So how do you know it's there? Here are some clues.


You definitely do not dream consciously. Dreams are the ways in which your subconscious mind interacts with you on subcont ways. Do you want to come into the world of your inner mind? Start making a little dream interpretation. Sigmund Freud said that "dreams are the royal way of subconsciousness." Want to know more about your dreams and how to use them to improve your life? Do web search. You will bring up a lot of information.

Irrational Actions

When was the last time you said to yourself, "How could I have said that? Or did it?" It was not the devil who pushed his shoulders. It was your inner mind to kick up. It does it from time to time.


How often have you run on the freeway only to realize you do not have the last five miles or so? Who was driving? How often have you seen someone for the first time for a long time and could not remember his name, did it suddenly remember 10 minutes later? What was happening at the time? A little subconscious processing?

Deja Vu

It's this … you know you've been there before or seen it before you remember. Yes, you're right, but the memory is dug into your subconscious, just kicking around enough to bug you.

Instant Like or Dislike

If you're like most people, you often have an instant response to someone you meet for the first time. It's totally illogical, annoying. Yet it is very strong and usually quite correct. Where does this come from? Your inner mind with great warehouse experience and comparison immediately looks at all kinds of tips for the new man along with all the associations of the past. Then it sends you a comfort mark or inconvenience as appropriate.

Your Father

Now that you live with your partner, you know some of those who were completely obscured when you meet you first. Like how much your relationship looks like the relationships you grow up with. And how much their behavior resembles someone that was very important to you. But you were unaware of this while you were "in love" or anything. How did this happen? Blame your subconscious, sneakily look familiar. It will happen. It's one of the main roles of your subconscious … to keep you in familiar territory.

You now have some understanding of the subconscious concept and where it comes from. You have an idea how it hid from you and is hiding now. You know what it does for you. What's next? How to deal with it. That's what we're talking about next time.

Subconscious Mind þín – Hvernig á að breyta lífi þínu

Þetta er síðasta hluti þessarar skýrslu á undirmeðvitundinni. Þú veist hvar það er (einhvers staðar inni í höfðinu enn óaðgengilegt). Þú veist líka að það er stór hluti af lífi þínu. Eins og hvernig þú bregst við, hvað þú getur séð og hver þú ert. Mjög persónuleiki er undir stjórn á undirmeðvitundinni þinni.

Nú er þetta mikil kostur. Það þýðir að þú kynnir þér stöðugt að umheiminum, sem er það sem aðrir búast við og vilja. Ef þú vilt að einhver raunveruleg vandamál byrja að virka öðruvísi skaltu byrja að víkja frá venjulegum hegðun þinni. Þú munt ekki skorta á spennu. Þú munt fá nokkrar skrýtnar viðbrögð frá vinum þínum og ættingjum.

Það er líka mikil kostur á annan hátt … þú þarft ekki að hugsa um hvernig þú bregst við. Viðbrögð þín eru sjálfvirk og samkvæm. Aftur, aðrir eru ánægðir með þetta.

Eina erfiðleikinn er þegar þú vilt virkilega breyta ákveðinni leið til að haga sér. En einhvern veginn geturðu það ekki. Af hverju ekki?


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