Happiness – How to describe your life

Happiness can sometimes seem very scary.

However, you try to be happy, nothing seems to help.

Often this is because you try so hard to find the one-moment-happy solution that will solve all your problems, you forget all the little things in your life that really bring happiness.

And with the knowledge, you do not realize how the negative effects of other little things can add up and become overwhelming.

Every individual, every event, can isolate every experience in life simply in one of two ways.

1. This brings light to my life. These are all the people, things, experiences, events that somehow increase your life and give you more energy. They bring a smile on your face, put a bounce in your step, making the world a little bit brighter and warmer place to be.

2. This stole light from my life. These are all experiences, events, people and things that bring unhappiness. They are somehow draining light and energy. They lose your hopes and help you feel dishonest and pessimistic. The world is darker and colder to be in.

So how can we use these two types to become happier?

The first step is to know them.

So take a sheet and write "This brings light to my life" at the top. Write down every little thing you can think of that brings a little more happiness and positive energy into your life.

Be sure to write about your own beliefs, views, and perspectives that bring light to your life, as well as to outside people and experience.

Then take another sheet and write the heading: "This steal light from my life." Write down everything you can think of wiping energy and light from your life.

Again, remember to convey your own beliefs, views, thoughts and attitudes that steal light from your life, as well as external factors.

Now you have your two lists.

It's time to take action to be happier.

Select 3 from the list . Next week, take action to increase the amount of each of these 3 that you have in your life.

Also, select 3 from "This Steal Light From My Life" list. Take action next week to reduce the amount of every person you have in your life. Do what you need to do.

After a week, you start the difference between your happiness. Continue the operation, keep what you've done in the first week, then select more items from your two lists and take action on them.

Using this technique, you can learn what brings you happiness and start declaring your life more often and continuously.


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