Happiness is where the heart is

What would your life be like you said and believed: "Today is a good day" regardless of what really happened to you? The answer to that question is what it means to be truly happy. However, if you want to find the answer then you need to ask another question that goes deeper:

"What do I want in my heart?"

It's inadequate that you discover how to find truly happy happiness. The community and your life in your life have led you to believe that your desires of heart will be fulfilled so that you can be happy. But nothing could be further from the truth.

How often have you heard of a millionaire who is unhappy, even if they have "everything" that anyone could ever want? The reason: Money can never buy what it represents. You hope that by having the money you will be happier, when in reality, most would gladly give up all the money in the world just to be happy.

In the example of millionaire, you can see that it has nothing to do with the money and all that has to do with the feeling of being happy. And this is true for everything you want. When your heart has holes & # 39; When it's incomplete, it does not matter what you're looking for in the world, you'll never get enough to feel good again. Your purchase, at best, will temporarily distract you from the hole you find inside finding unhealthy, unworthy or unchanged. In other words, you can never really buy intangible.

Instead, you must follow the wishes of the heart. Your heart knows what truly fills you with happiness, but so often people ignore the deeper desires of past times. In your youth, parents, peers and authorities, you probably say – somehow or another – that your dreams are childish, you do not understand them or justify why you could not have them.

And somewhere along the way, you probably began to believe them.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Your dreams are important, and in fact, recovering these dreams is the key to experiencing happiness in your life. Remember, you do not have to justify anyone why you want something. Your wishes apply to your own right, no matter what they are. Simply experiencing your satisfaction is enough to bring you happiness and the way to do it is to accept yourself.

In fact, nothing is more liberating than giving you permission to be exactly the way you are now. Nothing. The justification of your heart is like trying to stop water from crossing water and nothing is heavier in our hearts than telling you to be "happy."

That's because when you tell yourself how you should be, keep yourself from being as if you are truly. Your mind then reduces your experience, sets expectations of happiness and should be and tells you lies like, "If only I liked more … if I had a little more money … if only my husband / wife / best friend would … "then I could be happy again.

This is also why joy joy has nothing to do with what you get and all you have to do with what you're getting rid of. It has to do with getting rid of these past conditions that limit your hearts. It has to do with getting rid of the expectations you put yourself about who you should be and how you should be. And experiencing true happiness has to be done by getting rid of the belief that the purchase and experience follows the holes in your heart where you want happiness would occupy a permanent place.

With this in mind, here are some exercises you can use now to explore how to move from a place that wants happiness, to experience your happiness:

First, write down 10 things that limit happiness your. These can be the expectations you put on yourself, comparisons you make, your doubts, memories from childhood or some other possibilities. You may probably think more than 10, but it's a good start.

Once you've done that, reflect those things and find your weight. Some of them may not feel very well, in fact, they can cause tears in your eyes when you know how much you have kept your heart from being happy. You may find anger or resentment against people who offended your dreams or cause you dissatisfaction. These feelings are natural and trust, they are part of the process.

Only when we understand why we have been unhappy can we be happy again.

The next step is much simpler, and certainly more enjoyable. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. While doing this, put your mind on your heart and imagine that your breath goes into your heart while you breathe and out of your heart on the spirit.

I know you read this because you want to experience more happiness in your life and if it's true then you also need to be ready to do the exercises. What is good to go to the doctor and get a prescription if you do not want to take the pill? Trust me, these words do not matter. So stop for one minute, do the above-mentioned exercises and I'll wait for you when you come back. 🙂

Okay. Ask your heart now this question, "What do I really want, really?" And write down as many items as you possibly can. Do this for at least five or ten minutes.

After you've written all of them, the next step is to sort our list with those who are unconditional and unconditional. Especially, for each item, ask yourself: "Do I have to receive or receive someone to make me happy?" If this is true, put it on a new list called "Trusted Heart." These are what you think will fill a hole in your heart. For example, if you're lonely, you can write down, "Hold a Big Family" or "Go With A Great Spouse" so you do not have to feel sad or lonely anymore.

As you can see with the name of the list, these are the wills designed to make you feel better, so your happiness is dependent on them. It also means that if this is taken from you, it becomes impossible for you to be happy. This is an important awareness to keep in mind, so I recommend rebuilding this paragraph a few times before going on.

Now about this primitive list of heart's wishes …

Everything you have not put on the "Conditional" list should be put on a new list called "unconditional heart wishes." This is what you want, but Because you already feel satisfied with these aspects of your life, you will not increase your overall happiness when you buy them. One example may be that if you are very happy to write and write regularly, you probably just love to write. Not because of what you get, or because of the words on the paper, but you just love it. Or maybe you just love swimming, find the water around your body, a pleasant experience of being totally immersed in aquatic organisms.

This is really how children are. They enter the world so full of life and love that when they just want to drink everything. They just love the experience of being alive, wanting, and expressing their hearts. The little ones do not say to themselves: "If I had only played, I would be happy" – they are happy to release spaghetti on the table and swooshing it around to see what happens … simply because they want . Children are curious, they love life and their willingness is not to follow inadequately within them, but because they are so full they have no choice but to love and want as much as possible.

This is an naive situation that we want to convey to us. So when you look at your preferences "unconditional heart" – what you just love because you find your lasting and true happiness. Spend some time … you and your heart will be happy you did.


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