Happiness – It's temporary

When will you finally be happy? Is not that what we are all working on? It is the carrot that is attached to the end of the stick, right out of the ass, when it requires the basket to try to get closer to the carrot. But each time the donkey moves, carrot also brings.

We take our wagons too. When was the last time you said to yourself, "As soon as … happens, I will be happy?" And when … we are happy for a while, but happiness is always temporary, the whole set of new conditions are facing

A famous Buddhist monk in Australia, Ajahn Brahm, tells the story of his monk who experienced 10 past lives in the meditation of the evening. When Ajahn Brahm asked him about the past told the monk that they were completely absorbed in trying to be happy and happy for the family no matter how hard or long he worked to achieve that happiness, it never lasted long even when he could get what was not very often . And he was so tired of trying to be happy. Of course, he also told Ajahn Brahm that he was finally happy n na He was a monk!

I read an article the other day about a teenager who won several million dollars in luck drættinum a few years back. It should make us happy! But she said it ruined his life.

"I wish I never won the lottery money – and knowing what I know now, I should have just given it all back to them," she said in an interview published on Sunday night around the world. Rogers said she spent the money in homes herself, her parents and her grandmother. She bought expensive cars and gifts and lent money to relatives. She spent more than 730,000 dollars on designer clothes, fed and breastfeeding, according to Daily Mail. And she estimates she spent $ 400,000 on cocaine – most of them went to boyfriend.

Many lottery lovers and celebrities seem to get in the way that the joy of the world begins to call untrue and their promise turns out to be falsehoods. The last days of Michael Jackson's life sounded like a nightmare – unable to sleep without a cocktail of drugs that eventually killed him. Yet, he seemed to have it all.

How much will make us happy? Or is true happiness, lasting happiness, nothing to do with toys or relationships? When were you last satisfied? Not "happy" but happy peaceful, no worries or worries? No ambition or aggressive feeling about driving and goals? Does it have a good pleasure to do something with achievements or possessions?

A simple mind is hard to find these days. People do not talk about this. This is not carped about on television. There is no profit from a more enjoyable mind. We need to be dissatisfied that the girls can get money from us. With a sufficient mind, we can live wherever we find ourselves and at ease. (This is what the Buddhist monk pointed out; Unemployed, homeless and material with loneliness, sincerity, poverty and isolation).

How many would think there would be a lot of pleasure in these things that do not offer pleasure? While we have bought the satisfaction of all of us and have found one of the pleasures that sustain us, we can not see the obvious; seek pleasure and feel pain. Michael Jackson could start to understand this when he had nothing to turn, and so the teenager won the winner.

But as meditation teacher, when people ask me what they want to "get" from meditation, and I answer, "nothing," I always get a hilarious thing. It is not easy to understand that true pleasure comes from mind, not experienced in endless thoughts, plans and hopes, but comes from a mind that is empty of all that.

An empty mind has a context of ignorance and folly, but the opposite is true. Only when the mind is discharged by all its programming and routine patterns there is the possibility of true pleasure, which is perfect freedom, ultimate creation.


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