Happiness – Just Illusion?

It can be happiness in this life. But for those with mental illness, happiness is different and often difficult. There are 8 rules for a smoother way to happiness. Think about this way on the yellow brick:

Rule # 1: The road to happiness is found when you leave the past.

Rule # 2: Keep in touch with your thoughts, be positive.

Rule # 3: Be in fact, the past and the future bother you "Now".

Rule # 4: Forget guilty, everyone makes mistakes.

Rule # 5: Anxiety is a discomfort about the imminent future, if it makes you uncomfortable, do not regret what you do not know.

Rule # 6: Instructions can preserve you temporarily.

Rule # 7: If you need to change some habits, slowly start, the change is healthy.

Rule # 8: Come out every day, find the rain, the snow, the warming of the sun in your face, enjoy.

There are other ways to live up the senses. Art therapies are ways to use the arts to express themselves in a playful way. List coaches are people who are qualified on the medium they use and have also had extensive training as therapists. Some media are music, pottery, painting, dance, voice and drama. List therapy is not a recreation and offers impressive value and importance for the client suffering from mental illness. Art therapy helps to express feelings and helps people come into contact with the spiritual side of oneself.

Some are lucky, they are born with a happy mood, which is in extreme form called hyperthymia. Cheerful despite the misfortunes of life, energetic and productive, they are often envy of all those who know them because they do not even have to work on it. They are Polish opposites who suffer from depression or dysthymia. Dysthymics live a little little pleasure and battle with a miserable pessimism.

Nobody visits the psychiatrist for great joy, but the opposite is true. Dysthymics are believed to be able to find relief from their depression with antidepressants. Within a few weeks, serotonin and dopamine they lack are replaced and their dissatisfaction melts. If you can dysthymia your life with medication, can you have this person more often or better than well? And if any birth is just happy and happy with good reason, does it mean happiness is nothing but a successful combination of neurotransmitters? For most, no. Environment and experience count a lot, and being happy takes a job. But hyperthymic people are easy: they have won championship titles and can be hard-hardened for happiness.

For those who are not afraid of happiness, the basic 8 rules are necessary on the move. It is suggested that pets can raise your breath. And reading, fun-filled books, even one page at a time, is healing. Illusion, no, I do not think so. Happiness is a state of mind, rather work in progress. If you learn to appreciate the little things in life and practice it, this perception of happiness becomes your reality.


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