Happy benchmark

Recently we organized a group of discussions in our Yoga philosophy class in Rishikesh and the topic was "how do you define happiness?"

When I saw zeal and enthusiasm on my face while I discussed this topic, the moment I realized how important happiness is for all of us. And I could also see, because expressing and sharing was making them so happy.

Then I asked them, who is this stuff, they would just like talking over and over again. Again interesting, so amazing answers started coming – Food, Health, Music, Yoga, Travel, Adventure, Fun, Family, Relationships, Politics, Science, Statistics, Love, Life, God.

In other words, these are some of the things we really enjoy in life and give us happiness. We all have different needs in our lives, and most of these needs are mainly divided into four categories: physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual. When we meet our needs, we find joy in life.

Meaning the rational needs, our adequate language with delicious food, beautiful eyes, ears with melodious music, nose with fragrant branches and skin with special touch.

We are all looking for very happy relationships that we want to love and trust, and we want to be loved and trustworthy. Emotional feeling is one of the most important aspects of our minds.

Most of us are suicidal in ourselves, and this often leads to self-absorption to depression. Psychologically, most depressions are the result of thinking too much about their own needs, hobbies and concerns. When we begin to focus on what really will make others happy, we will leave without thinking of our own happiness.

We need to learn to give happiness to others, when we consider the needs, interests and concerns of others, from our self-absorption. Psychologically, most depressions are the result of thinking too much about their own needs, hobbies and concerns. Indeed, those who live to think about the needs, interests and concerns of others become symbols for the world.

Our little effort to give others second happiness, flood in our lives in the form of happiness that others try to give us. It's just like a small tsunami that becomes a tsunami outside the ocean.

When we focus on others & # 39; happiness, people get helplessly drawn to us and what we get is the lifetime of a broad growth of mutual happiness.

This is Happiness Quotient – HQ, it's about how much happiness we give to others. The more HQ, happier we will be.


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