How to escape family problems – happiness in a difficult time

Many people will say that the disgrace of the family is the basis of great unhappiness. We have been told to be in a broken family means that we will have bad practices and experiences that we could then send to our children and so on down the line. Schools are full of children who do not feel loved and the divorce is heavenly these days and leaving everyone in every age group wanting to know how to escape family problems. But what if this disturbance is all good? What if a broken upbringing really puts us in a hurry to find happiness in a difficult time?

I know it may sound a bit crazy to say that a dysfunctional family aims to bring children all the happiness. But let's review things from another point of view for the second time.

God, the source, the universal energy (or even you define God) is the perfect energy for which there are no mistakes. It's not like God created apple trees and went "Whoops! It was supposed to be orange!" and then kicked it aside. The tree was for purpose, just like your creation and me.

When we were created, it was in integrity and perfection. Everything from our eye color, the hair in our heads and the shape of the nose was defined in the small point we were in the beginning. If this information was defined for us at the outset, does not it make sense that at the same time was our purpose and all we needed to carry it out with love, joy and joy? Do you think God had created us and then forgot to give us the love and support we needed at these points? I do not think so, why would it be understood. It would be like planting seeds and then forget about water! God – in all those perfect energies – would never make such mistakes.

This reality teaches us that we gain love, happiness, and self-confidence from our parents. We are taught to reach them and require good education with safety, health, happiness, support and everything we need. If you have not noticed, this term is not working.

If we are whole from the beginning, complete with the love and support we need to carry out our trip, then why do we need to get it from our family?

Learning to find happiness with yourself will show you naturally how to escape family problems and give you the skills to find happiness in a difficult time.

Perhaps the source of all interruptions is our constant and usual desire to achieve our happiness and support from our families when it was never meant to be bought there until the start. In addition, when they do not have the support to give, or they simply give them a way that does not suit us then it creates a problem is not it? It creates a lot of family problems and drama.

If you felt 100% complete, supported by love and safe from within you, would it matter how or if your family supports you? Certainly not.

So, it shed light on the source of family problems.

If you want to know how to avoid family problems, this response sometimes looks at your family for the love and support you need and start looking at yourself. True happiness comes from you. Happiness in difficult times can be achieved by looking at yourself rather than things in your outer world.

Dysfunctional families are just a mistake judgment put people and families. There is a positive purpose that these families teach us to turn in and recognize our own power. When you see your own power you will also discover how to give you the love and support you want, as you have completed the family problems you want to escape.


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