How to measure happiness

We actually use a ruler to determine our happiness or see and acknowledge what gives us pleasure, pleasure and pleasure.

Some of us do not know how to add to our happiness, but only know how to reduce the difficult conditions in our daily lives, which gives us a sense of negative balance in our lives. I'm sure that's a lot better than bad, but they always seem to take over our inner creature and leave the good and happy moment far from us in the dust, unknown and unworthy.

When the twins were born in the 70's we were so happy, yet the twins were born early and struggling to breathe. My son had been on 80% oxygen and my daughter at 20%. It was touching for 1 1/2 months. We had my oldest daughter, then 4, and she could not understand the problem with her siblings. She was just so elated that she was holding her, but did not really know the danger they were in. We left our concerns and concerns about her the best we could. She could not understand why they did not come home yet. After 3 weeks, my daughter's daughter died on her own and was released from the hospital. After 1 1/2 months my son was finally removed from the oxygen and sent home. We were elated and grateful that our family was finally together. We learned to be grateful for everything we had learned and learned that we must accept what we are treated to and use best. We were so grateful that the twins did not affect their condition at birth.

Happiness came to us in many pictures over the years and there were times that were difficult, but through it we did it all.

My oldest daughter, now married, nurse and mother, my son, the twin is now a policeman and his twin is married, mother and teacher. We now have 2 grandchildren and they are happy to have and they bring a lot of laughter and happiness in our lives.

To measure everything we have is difficult. When we see what others do not have, add "all" all that we have. We must prove bad to acknowledge the good.

We will always remember these early days, heart disease and concern, but the present and what we have now will shine all of them. When you use this ruler, start with inches, then feet, then meters.


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