Importance of inner motivation for success

Most will succeed in the areas of life that are important to them. Yet, many never find the success they seek and spend their lives unhappy and inadequate. Why is this?

One of the main reasons why some people succeed and so many do not do that is that those who are well-behaved are internally encouraged, as others are motivated primarily by external rewards. Although everyone is interested in some extent, if this is your main source of motivation, you probably put up with mistakes.

Internal motivation

Internal (or internal) motivation, as the name suggests, comes from within. An internally motivated person is inspired by being true to their own values ​​and doing what they love most. When you do what you like for reasons that reflect self-esteem, it's easy to be motivated and low willpower is essential to doing the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

External motivation

External motivation, however, comes from outside of its own. It includes things like money, recognition from other people, prizes, titles and prizes, etc. While all of this is good, the problem is by relying on them as the main thing for motivation, that it is mostly the emotion they fulfill is temporary. If you go down a path that does not match the actual goals, just because you want the award you think it will give you, you may find that these prizes are not very worthwhile. a lot when you get them. At this point, there will be an incentive to keep on going if the goal is not something you're interested in for your own sake.

The Way to Succeed

Therefore, it is important to set goals that are fully aligned with your actual, inner hobbies. If you should get an extra prize to do well in the chosen field, it's a bonus, but in fact it's just the icing on a cake. Remember, life is not meant to be a struggle and performance does not have to be difficult to achieve. Indeed, the way to succeed is much easier when it's a trail you're interested in traveling for your own sake, since you do not have to constantly force yourself to continue focusing on the outcome, and you'll also enjoy the journey and is the destination. And do not underestimate it, as the majority of our lives are spent on the move & # 39; horror, and it would be a shame if you spent most of your time focusing on being somewhere else.

What if your motive is closed?

As we point out, encourages internal motivation from within. Sometimes people, on the other hand, have taken negative opinions that lead to suicidal behavior that prevent them from taking the path they really want to take. This can lead to feelings of blockade and # 39; and procrastinating over even what you want to do. Feeling of a strong desire to do something, but not allowing you to go there, is an unpleasant experience, at least saying. In this case, recording can be used using a brainwave recording interface, because such recording makes it much easier to achieve a significant sense of relaxation and access to the subconscious mind, as such self-esteem is stored.

By taking a few hours each day to listen to your recording and focusing on how you look at your life, it becomes easier to allow these old blocks to dissolve and let your natural sense of inner motivation flow freely yet again.


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