In search – happy joy

"Always rejoice in the Lord, and again I say, rejoice." Philippians 4: 4

Happiness is joyful, but being happy is not always as happy. We can find happiness in many situations and circumstances, not all those happy times. Happiness comes from an external situation, some of whom we govern and many we do not. Joy comes from within which we control everything. So, for example, it's cruel to say to people who are in mourning, "smile and be happy." It's better to come and grieve with them than trying to knock the square of happiness into a lap of sadness. Human life is a life of tragedy, sorrow, heartbeat and pain. But in all the difficulties you can find joy. Happiness is an external job. Joy is inside job.

Against this thoughtful question, what does God do about it? And again the same answer applies … all! Look at our own community and those in it. There are real estate funds that own half of New York City's business district and computer software that are struggling to find real happiness. This does not mean that all of these people are miserable, but they are still looking for what will meet them. They have everything in the world in their territories, and most of these things are already owned by them, but the search is still under way. Most people have not achieved what they seek from within, although they have achieved everything they seek from abroad. The same can be said about poverty, which is bad, as well, unless they want out and need from within.

When you get new things or achieve certain results, based on a tangible world around you, you feel happy. This feeling, sense of happiness, has been born of external circumstances. Unfortunately, the feeling is short and you understand your desire or need more or do more to get a short prize again. This is one of the main reasons why we see our international culture and accept misunderstanding of marriage so easily. The world now detects marriage as a test drive. If everything goes out without inconvenience or problems, it's a special exception. In most cases, it is a landlord, not a purchase. It is now acceptable to marry for a while, even pre-planning for the almost inevitable failure of contractual agreements.

Our society has become so confused about who they are and where we come from that people and their feelings are considered disposable. It's been a good idea to use people for pleasure and to throw them as rubbish. Where and when did we so terribly out of the step with God? We cherish things, use people and pursue unattainable. Somewhere in our cultural development in this heartless, self-reliant, joy-loving society, we have forgotten the difference between happiness and joy. We are looking forward to happening happiness when happiness is only achieved with lasting joy.

Congratulations, this mysterious creature lies somewhere deep in all our hearts, just waiting for the surface, but rarely seen. Some even want to say that happiness really does not exist, but the same people are those who have lost the true definitions of happiness and joy, depending on the self-esteem of their accomplices, either missing. Others will tell you that they find joy every time they find new members or buy something new or reach a certain new status level, but these are truly confused men. They have not missed the definitions, but sadly they fear the two.

Joy is achieved only when we can become content where we are, still knowing and still driving where we go. Joy is thought of by an internal commitment to assessing where we are now and by rebuilding the right value. Glad to understand that the people in your life are irreplaceable, even those who sometimes are thorns. Joy understands that it takes consistently, consistent, focused effort to love and be loved. Joy is made from an inner perspective, not underlying circumstances. Glad is not to plan your future, but to live it. It's not getting married, but staying. It is not to have children, but to raise them.

Everything that brings true joy also prevents arrhythmias at some point. Sounds odd, is not it? But consider how should we know if it was not down? How should we know right, without left? How would you know good without bad, or hot without cold, or tired from rest, and over and over again? You can not know joy, without thinking of heart, because one leads to another and again. This is how we grow and grow. Thus, we can become qualified and qualified to guide others. Joy knows pleasure Joy knows the peace. Joy knows the truth, the absolute truth that leads to joy. Joy knows depression and heart disease. Joy knows to achieve happiness, over and over, even in less than happy situations. If in battle, delight in growth and opportunity to learn and become better. If happily thank you, thank you gratitude from the battle in this life.

Like love is a joy decision. It is a decision to develop; to improve, adapt, and increase the negative and get through the other side and only grab the positive. Joy is the inner expression of the hymn that is obviously out of the question. Joy is the light we shine in the world and show them that it's possible, it's real and it's possible. In Matthew 5: 15-16, Jesus said, "Do not shine the lamp of light, and put it under a bowl. Light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and praise your Father in heaven." Look at something here that is obviously obvious to us? The scripture says "your good work", which means effort and action on your part; are your good works what to dare? You, to get such kind and wonderful things? No! Your good works are for men to see and "praise your Father in heaven." Joy knows the service. Leading other people with service to other people, to lead them to praise the Father in heaven. Joy knows God, because God alone is the source of true and lasting joy. The world is in search, but God is reaching.

Dr. D


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