Leadership – 5 Benefits of a Personal Development Plan

The best leaders know that they need to continue to develop and grow to fulfill their real potential. In the current economic climate, as more and more demands are for leaders to make and make difficult decisions, the need for personal development plans is probably even more important than ever before. So what are the 5 main benefits of approaching personal development plans with the same precision as professionalism like a business plan?

Benefit 1: Self-judgment

Just like a business plan, a personal development plan begins with an estimate of where you are now. To do this, you need to reflect your skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities and consider:

o What you do well

o What you do not so well

o What would make you even more effective

This self-image is not only powerful when it comes to organizing your personal development, but also in increasing your self-awareness.

Benefit 2: Clarity

Personal development program has two key issues. First, decide which activities and areas you want to focus on in the short term, say the next 12 months. The second is to get clarity about where you want to take your career for the next 5-10 years. Personal development planning helps you get this clarity.

Advantages 3: Decision

We are constantly faced with a number of choices in our work and our lives. To be clear about your career priorities, the experience you need to acquire and the skills and qualities you need to develop helps you make informed decisions quickly.

Benefit 4: Long-term Prospects

We have all been in collections or workplaces that offered something outstanding short term but proved to be a bad long-term choice. While a large wage increase may be attractive, ask yourself where the role will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Cost 5: Wise Investment

There is certainly no lack of opportunities to use either your own funds or your institutions in training and development. On the other hand, you want to make sure that you are the most relevant investment. If you have a clear goal or destination, this will be much easier to do.

Bottom Line – Personal development is no longer optional extra. So when do you start?


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