Leadership (What does it mean to be a leader)?

What identifies Leader from a follower is actually a very good line. Most people believe that money, friends or to be president makes leaders. But does it really? Read on.

What distinguishes leaders from a follower is really a very fine line. Most believe how much money one has in the bank was a sign of leaders. Some would risk that the leader was distinguished by how many friends or quality of their friends would decide on the Leader. There are even those who would assume their boss because he barks orders and people hope he is a leader! But the leader does not!

True leader comes from the heart! Now that's what I'm talking about love! Very special kind of love. The apostle Paul spoke of this in his letter of love to the Corinthian Church (1 Corinthians 13). So I'm not accused of being too religious, but I'll try to say it differently though.

It seems that some people think it is inappropriate for a person to use this celebrity love. But when you understand the true meaning of universal terms of love, it cares very deeply about something, someone or something that's okay. For example, working to succeed and the performance of others is the most noble thing. A leader helps other people while he helps himself!

I have to apologize for the South Preacher. But in the Bible when you find talent for leaders who were not bosses, they were examples of what we should be! You see when a leader becomes a leader, he will only be a glorious follower! "Until you and I learn how to follow, we can never be a leader"! Wow! Now it's heavy!

Of course, when you follow someone else you need to take caution. When blind (followers) follow blindness (someone who claims to be a leader and they are not) both fall into a ditch. Choose who you are going to follow very, very carefully. I did! I searched for my sponsor for a long time and I found what I was looking for in the sponsor. I had to find the right supporter! That's why my success in this business is paying huge dividends – a lot!

Does not it say somewhere to "take wisdom?" We all have to learn to listen, learn and follow. Yes, it is important to take good care of others. But something more important is that we look at this inner voice within all of us. To tap into our higher power! Deep inside of us all we know what we bought to do! But we just can not lead us to do it! Until we learn to listen, learn and follow, we will continue to get the same results we've ever received. "To change what's outside, we must first change what's inside." As we learn to do this, no one can stop our success!

You can learn to change by reading and listening to motivation books and tapes (ok). Also connect with positive people. I recommend participating in optimistic clubs where you will have relationships with people who have a positive mindset. You must find as a general rule that leaders in your community are full members of the optimist club!

Now, this leads me to another very important thought. There is a risk of listening too many external sources. What I want to say here is that most of the friends we would like to advise with do not usually know the subject (have not really looked at anything) but we are persevering to want to listen to them and we miss out on "doing it now." Friends are great, but we need to advise people who have been there doing it (experience)! If you want to wear a brick, do you ask a lawyer how to put a brick? Not at all! To Build A Network Marketing Business Go On A Network Market!

It's very important that you and I lead an example. If we want others to do something they need to know we're doing it! Do not tell others to do something you are not or will not do yourself. Be strategic! Follow your teachers and teach those who follow you to do the same (follow as a supervisor). Here's another testimony from somewhere, "Be the actor of the word and not only hearing!" It's only telling someone what to do and one more thing to do. Here's a new word for you Exampler (not a sampler). What is a leader? He is the one who leads by example (doer). Now, let's "do with others we should have done with us!"

One Final Thought – First, you must learn to follow those who have previously done some effort. Secondly, you must learn to lead by being an example of what to do and what to do. It's equally important to learn from mistakes as things make the right thing more important to learn from them or other mistakes. TRUE LEADERSHIP!


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