Leading role of President Obama

In our research on various leadership styles and leadership skills, no one could possibly be more likely than Barack Obama's example. His refreshing ideology and luminosity certainly give us many ways to learn.

Who is he?

Barack Hussein Obama II is 44th President of the United States. As born in Hawaii, Obama took an interest in being a community counselor in the low-income environment, serving as a church-based community before studying law at Harvard Law School. He was morally sworn at Senator Illinois in 2004 and consecrated as president of the United States in 2009. He also received the Noble Peace Prize "for its amazing efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between nations."

Leadership Style

Among the most appropriate style leadership that can be seen from President Obama is its transformation of nature. President Obama can easily influence the people he brings to work towards a common goal and achieve something bigger than himself. His persuasive and diplomatic style contrasts more strongly with the more aggressive and confrontational measure of his predecessor Bush, and it would certainly play an important role in shaping international cooperation and encouraging action at home.

President Obama's prerequisites are also more pragmatic, but it is ideological, focusing on real issues such as health insurance and relations with the Muslim world. This leadership component is integral to its success in translating its noble ideas into reality.

President Obama is also characterized by strong relations with the citizens of America and the world. In this new world of information and knowledge, President Obama is able to take advantage of the media to convey their opinions and messages to US citizens. This fact is evident from its presence in speech shows. It's important to be at the top of any big organization, that messages and ideas are made clear to the last man to ensure proper coordination. In this aspect, Obama has excellent in keeping the people he manages in knowledge.

Leadership Qualities

Being a kind, President Obama describes some leadership skills and this can be a precious lesson game to take away.

He mostly listens. One would think that for such an excellent writer would be an important tool for influencing and gaining consensus. However, we must realize that communication starts to listen and President Obama turns out to be as good listening as he is talking. As he tries the world he, together with the United States, is finally ready to listen, the flame is reignited for further relationships to be betrayed and diplomacy should take place. When asked by a German journalist about his design for NATO in 2009, he humbly replied: "I do not come up with big designs, I'm listening, sharing ideas and collectively, like one of the many Alliance Allies, helping shape our vision for the future. "

This leads to another kind of compassion. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others makes it so of course that President Obama can find his people and this helped shape many of his policies, such as his health care reform. The president once said, "The world is not just about you." This emphasizes his strong belief that one has to learn to see things with the eyes of others. As leaders, it is appropriate to be able to see matters with the eyes of those we work with to understand their concerns. The ability to do that would certainly allow us to become more aware and major leader.

President Obama also scores well in order to be able to assign tasks to his / her hands and concerns more about the country's policy and vision. In higher management, the delegation is fierce skill to master in order to succeed. It allows us to focus on what we are paid to do, it is to guide and manage our team rather than steering us and being doing the work of all of our team.

Frank President Obama is also another key that sets him apart from countless other politicians. By sharing the goal honestly and clearly, listeners can feel sincerely and will tend to trust him more. This is contrary to many others who do not choose to bring out certain obstacles, as they may be, and this only means that listeners are not willing to trust them well.

Last and certainly not least, his qualities are his willingness to make difficult decisions. From the prime minister and mutual agreement, President Obama is aware that the agreement of the majority is not possible and economic, and it may be difficult to call at times. Right or wrong, it is important to make a decision and take action, rather than delaying and taking responsibility for successors.

President Obama's presidential campaign is certainly a fresh start to further US restructuring in terms of political, economic and social factors. For progressive leaders, his leadership skills can be met with valuable gems that we can model from, customized and used as our own, allowing us to get us higher.


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