Motivation and Personality – Know the Species

Formation is what makes the leaders of ordinary people and personality an important part. There are two types of personality that influence motivation:

  1. Type of person you are: Whether you have a strong personality or weak personality
  2. Our image perceives another person: This deals with mental abilities and even the body's attributes.

If we look around, we find many people who lack the incentives in life because of their personal personality. The effect is people who feel they have a personality that makes them feel like social expansion or inferior in any way.

Some examples are obese people, people with low IQ, people suffering from depression and there are people who can easily succumb to defeat in conditions, tests, interview, opinion and suicide. These are actually weaker aspects of personality. This is where motivation is required.

Motivation can be obtained from external sources such as:

  1. News : Tom Whittaker used support feet to climb Mt. Everest. This incident gives rise to a lot of people. Most people would think if he can do it then why can not I? Of course, how much motivation can you get from this event and whether it can be a positive change or not, depends on your strong will. Positive motivation can help you fight and fight against some of the most difficult enemies, including physical problems such as disability and blindness.
  2. Stories : We must all hear stories. Some stories lie within us and we can contact them when we face situations that require the best or worst of us. It is a more psychological phenomenon. Stories of sacrifice, generosity, conquest, love and death can lead to eyes but also stir the soul and may be motivated. This motivation will also help shape a stronger personality.

Formulation is derived from internal sources such as events. In one lifetime, you can go through a variety of events that represent heights and low in their lives. How you take every condition and what you learn from it will determine whether you can encourage yourself or not. There are two basic characters. These are men who have incentives, but the results are different:

  • Ambitious : These people have a fire in their stomachs. They work hard for one goal. Failures do not pull them down, and at the same time they get encouragement from their mistakes, and this motivation puts the cornerstone of their dreams and future.
  • Dress : For them, the moment is important but one low can bring them down. They have been through mistakes, but not learned from them. They have the power to motivate them and get high in life, but often wakes up because of "who cares" attitude.

It is important to find what encourages you and use this as a leverage towards success.


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