Motivation to change, why is it so hard?

W I am constantly changing through our lives; It could be educational, health, relationships or financial, and of course with oneself. Maintaining or increasing self-esteem and happiness is a great motivation for these changes.

T Often, tests and errors often affect our self-esteem and prevent true participation in learning and change. It is very comfortable to have a habit and very scary to seek the unknown. It takes courage and determination. This is nothing new. You've done it before, but not terrible but you've gone through many changes in your life.

C Contact is stressful. There is no doubt. Why not make it as stress free as possible? Try to consider the following:

U understand your intentions, interests and aspirations for new efforts. Know the strengths and constraints that it will bring. Allow yourself to take risks and do not take anyone back personally. Remember that tests and errors are part of learning and living.

C circumcised, to appreciate one's emotions, fears and incentives; be sure to use such information to improve your life. Use this information to guide your thoughts and actions.

L and address negative thoughts, integrate new ideas with what you already know and use new information to continue. Be flexible, allow new and different ways to accomplish your goal, which could give you different opportunities at the end. Why not provide you with options. Having some responses as security plans, it will calm down this sense of vulnerability.

U Unfortunately, too often as adults, we want to make all of ourselves … mistakes. We are not alone; Tons of people have been through changes, often similar to us; seek and accept support from others. They experienced it, they could know something you have not thought about. Try.

D should not avoid your future, apply it. You make your life, take it as a movie set if you like; you are director, main actor and editor. How do you want the story to come?

A Ask yourself these basic questions:

What do I think?

What do I want to be like?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What do I need?

What do I want?

Who could help me?

Will my schedule be?

K already you can achieve what you have in mind. Now there is an opportunity to reflect and respond to these thoughts. Change is a way to end, not an end in itself.

Until next,

be aware, flexible in your approach and make yourself happy.



Make Positive Changes

Instead of saying "I do not know"

Tell "I will find out".

Instead of Seeing a Problem for Each Response

Try to Answer Any Problem

Instead of saying "It's not my job"

See what needs to be done and done.

Instead of Make a Promise,

Make Commitments

Instead of see what can not be done

View what can you do do

When making a mistake, instead of said "It was not my fault"

Say "I was wrong."

Instead of

Concerns of Most Cases,

Try Making Decisions

Instead of saying "I'm not as bad as many others"

Tell "I'm good, but not as good as I can be".

Instead of saying "It's Like It Has Always Been Done"

Say "Thought to be a Better Way".

Instead of saying "It might be possible, but it's too hard"

Say "It can be difficult but it's not impossible".

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