Personal core values: the key to success and happiness

Each of us has our own set of personal values; This is what we consider important, which motivates us and we emphasize. If I asked you about your personal value, chances are you would fight to find the answer. You would not be alone; In fact, the majority of people would find it difficult to answer this question satisfactorily.

The fact is that most of us are not fully aware of our own values. This is the same as saying that most people are not aware of what is important to them.

The problem is worsened by the fact that not only ourselves but also other people and other organizations have their own fundamental value. People like friends, affiliates and employers have every value that affects us and our lives.

Therefore, we could find our lives according to the values ​​of others instead of following our own values. For example, at work, you can find yourself according to your employer's values; – a good time limit, increased output, profit, sales goals, etc. But how much of these values ​​would you feel with your own core values? Tomorrow, if you spend the life meeting only the value of the employer, do you think it's a happy life?

Do you think this meeting only the value of the employer would lead to a happy life? Well, it would be possible if you measured your performance with the goal of achieving your employer's goals and winning more pay or promotion as a result. But just look at how many people go through life with the feeling that true performance is much more than winning money or promotion. People to increase measure performance with other criteria. For most people, performance is measured with something more than or without financial benefit. So most of us, after the value of the employer would not lead to what we consider to be a happy life.

This does not mean that the value of others is not important. They are important and important for us to recognize these values ​​especially when they affect or affect our own lives. However, it is more important for us to know our own personal values.

It's our own core value to measure our success and happiness. That's what tells us what's important in our lives.

As a coach and consultant, I stand on many people who are unaware of their own personal values. I am capable of performing a dignified exercise with these people to help them find their core values. The success of this exercise is often very obvious to them, giving them insight into what they really respect and what encourages them. It can often point to those whose life is not in accordance with their values ​​and how they strive to fulfill the values ​​of others. Usually this is also a source of stress or frustration in their lives.

I would recommend those who are looking to discover their own personal values ​​in life to consider the services of coaches. Your value really is the key to success and happiness.


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