Search for happiness – 32 keys to find lasting happiness in your life

When it comes to living a happy and successful life, it basically turns into 6 main common aspects that one must work with to stay round, earthy and happy. These 6 key factors – as shown on the mind map – will ensure that you have a center and focus on what matters most in your life, but to ensure that life is never better for you. Stand with them, cultivate them and keep them at the forefront of your mind daily – at home and at work – and happiness will undoubtedly find you around every corner no matter how ugly life may seem in the floating moment.

1. Happy body

Our body is mainly important in determining our long-lasting happiness. If we are healthy and feel good about our bodies, we will be much more likely to be happy about other aspects of our lives as well. Here are some tips for maintaining a good body:

  • Smile often – Smiling natural stimulates wonderful healing material in our bodies that lead to great emotions of well-being.
  • Practice Regularly – Our bodies are designed to move, bend and lift things. If you live in a sedentary life, your body will respond in a very slow way. Do you know what happens to something you do not use? Yes, that's right, you tend to lose it. Practice your body regularly by swimming or even walking in the wild. Your body will no doubt thank you and be happier for it.
  • Healthy Foods – Our bodies also respond to food we eat and eat daily. It is said that you are what you eat. In many cases there is a lot of truth to this statement. Eating healthy life and energy that gives food and body will thank you in a positive way by giving you more energy that will lead to more happiness in your life.
  • Healthy sleep – Many of us simply do not get enough sleep. This leads to a weakening of senses, muscles and strengths. In addition, our disappointment situation can lead to health problems and deep emotions of fatigue and unhappiness throughout the day. Just sleep when you're tired and wake up at the same time every day. This will undoubtedly lead to much more satisfaction and happiness in your life.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – It's all about living a healthy life by incorporating all that is discussed above in everyday life that looks like your body from head to toe.

2. Happy mindset

Good mentality is as important as growing a happy body. There is no excuse here, because the mind is almost all that we have full control of every moment of our lives. Here are some tips on how to maintain a happy mindset:

  • Resolving from a situation – You are a person who lives in your own experience. What you connect yourself emotionally will affect your happiness in many unpredictable ways. When you learn to get rid of people and situations you start taking control of your life. Get started today by removing and noticing how it feels like you.
  • Faith in Higher Power – Your faith in God or higher power will usually cover you through the toughest times. Look at this higher power to develop faith when evidence is available. This faith will keep you happy.
  • Positive Spiritual Attitude – You must be successful in cultivating a positive spiritual attitude. This begins by monitoring your daily thoughts and monitoring them carefully throughout the day. By doing this you will start to notice the little thinking you have and how they make you feel right now. Take these changes to your feelings right away and change your thoughts by focusing on solutions and answers to the problems and challenges you face. These solutions and answers will keep you focused on what's good and happiness will be the result.
  • Change of View – This results from cultivating a positive spiritual attitude. When faced with the challenges of your life, come into the habit of consciously changing your perspective of a person or situation. See the situation in a different light. Ask someone for their different opinions and perspectives. By being flexible, you must be happy.
  • Faith in Self and Abilities – We have all seen examples where people have made remarkable actions with the power of their beliefs alone. Become one of these people. Believe yourself and your own abilities. When you are going to do something, believe that you can do it no matter what obstacles are in your way. Believe in yourself and your own abilities will undoubtedly attract great happiness and joy in your life.
  • Expect to be happy – It is said that what you expect with passion will be implemented. Expect to be happy, expect good things to come to you and expect life to lead you a lot of joy and happiness.
  • Gratitude for life – You can never be happy without thanking you for gratitude. Gratitude speaks life in a sad soul, and it creates abundance for those who have very little. Gratitude does not come to those who have much, but to those who are grateful to the little ones who are good and good in their own lives. Be grateful for the little things you take course every day and your life will be filled with great happiness and joy.

3. Happiness

Communication, communication, caring and love of others are a natural way of being. It is as normal to breathe, and so many of us remove ourselves from each other every day, and this again relates to great sadness and unhappiness in our lives. Get back into a little communication in your life and you'll experience a sense of happiness and joy like never before. Did anyone not even say that the happiness you make to others is likely to bring you more joy than anything you can do for yourself? Whether someone said this or not, here are some tips on how to maintain happy relations:

  • Pardoned people – Keeping frustration, hatred and distrust will crush you with disgust and sorrow. Instead, choose to leave your past in the past and continue your life by forgive those who may have hurt you. Sorry and drop … Forgive and Drop … Forgive and Drop … this will undoubtedly lead to understanding and congratulations on bitter existence.
  • Connect with People – Take the time each day to connect and connect with others in a different and creative manner. Ask others about something that makes them passionate, go out and do something you've never done before by moving the laughter back into their lives by watching a funny movie or going to a game console; or simply tell them how much you love them. These simple actions will not only lead you to much joy and happiness, but they will also make the other person very special.
  • Happy happy people – It was mentioned earlier that you are what you eat. In this case you are also very much you connect to daily. If you are hanging and interacting with negative people, you will be affected by your energy when you detect it or not. Instead, choose to be around happy people, around those who let you laugh and talk about positive things. This will undoubtedly lead to more emotions for happiness and well-being.
  • Volunteer Time & Energy to Charity – Giving yourself to others is undoubtedly the greatest gift in the world. For those who have not seen the 2006 The Ultimate Gift movie, I strongly suggest that you see this amazing picture that truly understands the effects that others can have on your life. Give yourself time and energy to others and not just your money. Money is so impersonal. Showing others who care for you will bring a lot of happiness to your life.
  • Random Acts of Kindness – Do not you just love to know that you have helped someone in need? How much more wonderful would it be if you ever took a day to help someone you knew needed help in an indirectly secretive way. Go ahead and help them without telling them that you were the master behind this clever act of kindness. Getting credit for your charity work is overvalued. Knowing that you did something that others do not know is a true happiness.
  • Be happy with others' success – It's a moment in time and the place will find you if you keep an eye on the short-term opportunities. If your time does not come yet, it does not mean you should not be happy for the success and success of others. Enjoy and rejoice in the success of others. This sense of happiness you put into them will then create a reflective mirror that will encourage more joy and fulfillment in your own life.

4. Happy

It's all about the most important person in the world, you. Being selfish sometimes and focusing on what you like most in your life is a very good thought that will bring great happiness and joy to your life. Here are some tips on how to maintain happiness yourself:

  • Get Well – Take the time every day to spend some time with you. Yes, go out there and treat yourself to something special, something dishonest and a little naughty. You deserve it. Take time to pamper yourself and your days will be filled with many wonderful experiences you will treasure.
  • Use Humor – You do not have to be next Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres or Jerry Seinfeld; Although if you were one of these three standing detectives, it would be nice to hang out with you. In all seriousness, just do not be serious. Learn to find humor in every situation, and last but not least, learn to laugh at yourself when you do something very silly that you hope no one saw!
  • Find inspiration – All of us have different things that tend to motivate and motivate us daily. Identify these inspirations and cultivate them throughout your day. Whatever the music you love, a movie that just gets your juices flow, or a book you just can not get enough of. Take the time to immerse yourself in this experience, and you will create more joy and happiness in your life.
  • Accept conditions – This concludes agreeing conditions, whether they are good or bad. It has been said that it is not what happens to us that determines how we feel, but how we perceive what happens to us. How you perceive what will happen to you will determine how happy you are. So do not listen to the negative topic that tells you how unlucky you were, or how unfair your circumstances are. Forget them. Instead of agreeing on how things are, focus on solutions and keep up with a positive outlook.
  • Your Choice To Be Happy – Do you realize that it's your only decision to make happiness at any moment? Well, that's true. That's your choice. "If that's my choice, what am I doing now?" -I would choose happiness.
  • Awareness of Thoughts – Again, it is important to mention here that you must become aware of your thoughts. Notice how one thought can either make you desperate, or lead you into unrest. Yes, it's definitely your thoughts that control your feelings. Take control of your thoughts and your feelings become beyond the world.

5. Congratulations on actions

What you do with what you have every day will no doubt affect your happiness. Indeed, all that has been discussed so far up to this point affects the actions you will take in a significant way. If you are not happy and living in a profound state, what likelihood of action do you feel likely to stem from such emotions? I would not say they would be very effective. However, once you have said that, you may have a lot of happiness, depth and joy in your life. Here are some tips on how to maintain and cultivate happy actions:

  • Attempting to Live – This does not mean taking drugs or taking a habit of smoking and all the other things that make you very unhappy for long term . Instead, this simply means adding some variety and creativity to life. Take the time to do something you have not done before. Indeed, what is one thing you want you to do but has not yet been tried? Okay, go ahead and decide to go up now, tonight or tomorrow, and just do it. Just go crazy, fun, live alive with excitement and be unpredictable. Happiness will surely follow a person who lives in such a way.
  • Organize Your Life – It's okay to be quick and live at times sometimes, but it's also important to think about your future and continued happiness. Therefore, spend time each week and organize your career and family life in ways that will add more happiness and joy to your daily life. Also, plan to learn new things that will move you on your career or potentially open a new door of opportunity. Also, plan to set goals, then sit down and install them and over time take the necessary steps to reach them within the time limit you set. It is no coincidence that we have achieved so much technical progress because we as human beings have been setting many goals on many, many generations. You're part of this humanity, are not you? But set some goals today and go to action already! The performance of the passionate goals that will be implemented will bring you great joy and happiness.
  • Simplify Your Life – So many of us go through life over complex issues. We do something far around. We take a long and hard way and struggle with too much clutter, too much responsibility and too much headache. Take the time today to simplify your life and happiness will surely follow.
  • Celebrate Your Achievements – First, you need to accomplish this, it requires setting goals and working on them. But then, think about little things, the little achievements you experience weekly. Invite you sometimes by celebrating these little things. Then, be sure to raise your bar to an even greater measure of success and celebrate your success once you've achieved these goals. Celebration is fun and will bring great joy and happiness to your life. However, beware, do not overdo it. Your celebrations should be a prize for your success and not Friday and Saturday night. Start simple and small, then progress continues to bigger goals and higher prizes.
  • Slow Down – S___L___O___W D___O___W___N. That's it. Be aware of slowing down and do not be so busy in the devastating follow-up of your daily existence. Happiness follows those who slow down, reflect, contemplate and think. Your decision can also improve significantly.
  • Participate in Your Suffering – First, do what you love and keep doing it with every opportunity you get. Secondly, ask yourself if you can somehow do what you love. Happiness comes to those who live with passion. Create your passion or wish for better days?

6. Avoid Unhappiness

Grow all that has been discussed so far daily and you will live a life full of joy and happiness. On the other hand, be aware of a few things that can help you down and lead to the emotions you want to go to the trash.

  • Avoid Negative People – You must always reflect the feelings of the people you are most often associated with. If you do not believe this statement, take a good, long mind to a group of people who know each other well and you find that they all tend to experience similar types of emotional levels in their daily lives. You are a reflection of the emotional tendencies and valleys of others. Take responsibility for your life by avoiding those who get you into the mood of emotional difficulties.
  • Avoid Negative News – This is hard, especially if you are united with a group of NEGATIVE PEOPLE who always talk about their problems and put negative turns on everything they hear on television or the radio. This does not mean that you should be ignorant, all that means is that you are receiving oral negative news. Simply do not stay at it. If you can not do anything about these news at the moment, simply focus your attention elsewhere. Stay in control and happiness will always find you.

As you can see, joy is very easy to get if you know how to find it. I hope this thought has been useful to help you find more happiness in your life.


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