Small Business Coach – Want more money, power and strength? Turn a crisis into a chance

Money can not buy happiness, but the lack of it certainly can create misery! Looking at the global economic meltdown and many and varied answers to it in recent months has begun to think about how much of our power we make money – do it, spend it and lose it!

Economic crisis has collapsed because the foundations were not reliable – insignificant growth we have experienced in recent years has collapsed because shortcomings were lacking – in leadership, honesty and sustainability.

Continue stretching a rubber band and it will always break. It is necessary to build new structures. As an intelligent business owner, we now have a great opportunity to participate in rebuilding economies and communities of different value.

For many, the next twelve months will be a time composition. As a business coach, I see many companies still doing well, but there are plenty that are not. It is time for us to consider where our real power comes from. Do our economic circumstances (and our icons) strongly instruct us who we are? Or is the source of our energy (and intensity!) Within us?

It's easy to talk about talking and dizzying, or being depressed about what we've lost. It takes much more courage to decide that our external circumstances should not control the quality of our lives. It takes a conscious effort to decide that we will not spend our lives or lose sleep worrying about millions and one and anything if & # 39; s & # 39; that could happen. It takes a strong understanding of our own strengths to reach others and help them through this difficult time.

Each of us has a caring heart. Everyone knows others who are making it harder than we are. Strength comes from within. What choices do you have to make today?

Here is another practical policy that can prevent you from worrying. Think of one big fear you have now. Create a simple action plan that will take place if your fear or worst case is fulfilled. Write down the schedule and put it away. Then stop worrying. Many emphasize weight gain – I think that a negative diet will deliver a better quality of life much faster!

Your strength is here, at the moment. It's not in the future. You can not live in the future, so concentrate now. Is there anything you can do now to relieve the possibility of your fear coming true? If so, go to work !!

Early in 2009, I put myself one day to write my business plan for the year. I made it practical, realistic and I adapted it to market conditions ahead. By writing this plan out, there are many of the "incredible" and # 39; The fear I had been moving around my head simply disappeared. I could see where opportunities were for my business. I could see what to focus on my attention and energy. I could see how best to help my customers.

Interestingly, more opportunities have come for my company last month than last six months! If you want to flourish in the current environment, you must consolidate time, energy and resources with clarity and focus.

The average Australian spends 2012 hours a year at work. If you focus on self-reliance, you can make that time more meaningful and rewarding than ever before. What or who can you build? Where can you make the biggest difference? You are creating your future – make it happen in the future!


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