Start your day with joy and happiness

Happiness is yours today. You'll know your joy today. You are making the right decisions, which lead directly to the expensive satisfaction of today. Open today and bring joy back to another.

Everyone wants to be happy and happy. Is there a difference between happiness and happiness? Perhaps there is a difference in the direct meaning of the two words, joy and happiness, but who cares for splitting her hair. You want this feeling of security, hope and accomplishment, which leads to what you want to call it, joy … happiness.

Today, now, is the day you put all the previous mistakes in the recycling chamber and God turns them into joy. Deciding today to think positively, act positively, have faith in God and life will lead to great joy.

Okay, you're having trouble, who does not. However, you do not have to take self-esteem, go up and go and find ways to change the situation or accept life on the concepts of life. Anyway, in the midst of trouble you can still know the joy. How can you find joy in the middle of the storm? Faith, believe that all things are working out as God wants them and continue for joy until the storm passes.

Start this day with joy. The moment you are awake enough to celebrate today is rejoicing. Look for good. Open the windows and see the beauty of nature. Listen to a bird and thank you for hearing. Open the refrigerator and be grateful for food. If you do not have food, sell your computer and buy something or go to work …. To kidding of course but truly you have to make decisions. Choose this day to be happy, free and loving. See the good and the good will come to you as a flood.


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