Successful staff motivation

My grandmother, when she was the owner and CEO of a successful company (having medical care in the field of cryogenics), was as if I was and absolute enthusiasm for employees. She thought it simple. For example, if she received a call from a customer who praised her professional assistant in her professionalism, my grandmother will introduce an assistant a $ 100 bill to the next job to encourage them. Now I think it's an effective staff motivation.

Personal motivation is more art than science but not making mistakes. It is incredibly important. Think about what you want from your staff and what it's staff consists of, human beings with human feelings and needs. Humans are of course strange creatures with very designers. In one study I read when I took a course on management psychology (including such characteristics as VET), workers' employees were actually affected by changes in the description. The company's managers bought light bulbs with dimmer wattage … and it was learned that output actually increased but they did not like. The head then bought light bulbs with brighter intensity (than original bulbs) … and the staff shouted and worked harder: production went up as much. I think this was an example of baiting and replacing.

Such a good example of employee focus is treatment and minority fraud. But make sure not to let you know of any eyes or cause harm in any way. After many years (decades) to work through and "over" team members, I personally have found that awards work best for motivation. I was a spirit leader in one company, coming up with freaky Friday and muddled monday ideas for staff motivation with staff boost (for the company and the work was usually quite Kafkaesque).

It was almost childish sometimes, but it actually broke up the monotony and add a little life to the mixed. It actually puts a lot of smiles on people's faces and it's never possible to estimate. We had our own days, international birthdays and show days … yes, like when we were back to school but with adult things and stories that were distracted temporarily, informed, humored, and entertained … to get through another week. We also urged public employees to express their own ideas and suggestions and try to promote that thinking (learning the jobs each had to change speed and in support of either bogged down or back).

Some ways of destroying vocational education, which of course is not something you want to teach, but are looking to avoid, are those who do the opposite of the above, those who oppose good leadership. I remember having jobs were clueless bosses and executives could make the workplace they are very miserable place to be (for genuine political reason they got in a position in the first place). One leader would hold reflection meetings and then say no to each "idea". Could you imagine it? What is the matter?

Another would require a project, get everyone done to finish the project / presentation and then on the day that the debut would bring unrelated changes and things and schedules so that only one person looked together and knew what she was doing. Signs, tents, pilots and fundraisers were all thrown aside as unauthorized and threw away potential buyers and supporters.

This totally destroyed moral and combat what would affect. Another clueless boss came up with the concept of "working time" that our employees did fun but where leaders would bastardize the concept of "retreat" first …. Still, games, fun, open exchanges ideas and collaborative projects, and honor listening, acknowledging, acknowledging and rewarding) individuals, where possible, seem to work for the benefit of the staff.

It sounds like common sense is not it? But some bosses and companies do not get it. Do not be one of them and the interest of your employees will never be a problem.


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